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  1. Caption should be changed to Europeans we know how you feel.


  2. My comment had nothing to do with that. I was only making the observation that the same thing is happening in Europe with the Muslim mass migration.


  3. And my response is I don’t care one way of the other. None of my business don’t know why you think its any of yours?


  4. OH please Paul be honest you don’t care so much for the Pali’s you just hate JEWS lol


  5. You don’t know who the Pali’s are? OH Paul Paul Paul, so you just hate Jews period then lol


  6. Sorry, accidentally ‘liked’ yah right’s post!
    Just for the record, completely disagree with the heartless things yah right says concerning the Palestinians. He dehumanises them by calling them palis. Well, that’s christian hypocritical ‘love’ for you!!!

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  7. This could not be more true. I remember many years ago when the Patriarch of Jerusalem Michael Sabbah said that Israel should be a land for all faiths. Many Jewish organizations went insane over that comment including Rabbi Marvin Hier. Patriarch Sabbah was born in 1933 in the British Mandate of Palestine before the state of Israel existed and yet somehow someone from Brooklyn with a Jewish mom(and who probably doesn’t believe in God) has more rights to that land than he does.

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