Dr. Michael Brown Debate Challenge From Zakir Hussain

A challenge!

Calling Christians

Br. Zakir Hussain has issued a public debate challenge to Dr. Michael Brown on the topic of, Is Muhammad (peace and blessings of God upon him) in the Bible? See the debate challenge here:

YouTube Mirror: Dr. Michael Brown Debate Challenge From Zakir Hussain 

and God knows best!

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  1. Dude, your boy Hussein will get OBLITERATED by Brown. I hope Brown takes it because Brown is like me in that he goes for the jugular and takes no prisoner. The god thing for Hussein is that Brown will annihilate him in a very loving manner. 😉


  2. Brown has already agreed to debate Yusuf Ismail in principle. Would be great to see him debate Zakir too.

    Good to see Muslims finding NEW Christians to debate rather than the handful of stale evangelical guys Muslims have been debating for the last 5-10 years. Debating should be about reaching a new audience too, Brown has a different and huge fan base so will be great to expose them to the truthful message of Islam.

    I’d like to see Muslims find some Catholics and Jehovah Witnesses to debate. Evangelicals arent the only Christians

    @Paul’s Pal

    I hope you aren’t like Brown – he seems to be confused hence his gross inconsistency. Brown is a Zionist who supports a nation which kills Palestinian kids whilst also being a pro-life activist. He also supports Israel (the capital of the gay rights movement) in the M.E whilst also being anti-gay marriage.

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