How Should Muslims Deal with Homosexuality

In the light of the recent terror attack on gays in Orlando it might be of use to revisit the question: according to the Shariah how should Muslims deal with homosexuality? Dr Yasir Qadhi explains the Islamic understanding.

Dr Yasir Qadhi explains

‘This question always causes a lot of controversy and people are very emotionally involved with it. It is very clear from the Quran that one of the many sins that a Muslim should not do is that of engaging in intercourse in sexual relationships outside marriage, and Islam has forbidden extra-marital and pre-martial intercourse. So if a Muslim finds himself or herself having same-sex impulses or attractions, we say to them you are no less of a Muslim simply because you feel this way.

In fact, if you battle those urges, then Wallahi you might be a better Muslim than me because your urges are more difficult maybe and you would have to have more of a battling within yourself

So simply because a person has same sex desires, does not diminish their Eman (faith) or their status in Islam. If they act upon it, we say to this brother or sister that you have committed a sin and repent to Allah.’

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