I am glad that Al Yoda took the Shahada


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  1. You chose an unflattering pic of Yoda…


  2. lie, about the force, you have.

    More like Dualism, the force is; like Islam, the force is not.

    more like eastern pantheism, the force is.

    more like Ying and Yang, the force is.

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  3. Yoda, that statement, never would make.
    Yoda says, “the Force surrounds us, in the trees, the rocks, the air. Luminous beings we are, not this crude matter, we are.”

    closer to Gnosticism, Pantheism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, than Islam, Yoda’s belief is.

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  4. Look better for a photo Yoda would! (Jedi makeup department and all)


  5. Williams, on another note do you know what happened to the grand verbalizer 19 and Sami Zaatari? These guys just disappeared from sight.


  6. I don’t know anything about him I’m afraid


  7. 75% chance that Yoda will apostatize within three years.


  8. The force is strong with Yoda.

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