REVELATION: The Story Of Muhammad

Thanks to Imran for bringing this new work to my attention. I’ve just ordered it from Amazon. It looks amazing.

‘The first textbook of its kind in the English-speaking world, Revelation draws on the most authoritative sources to present a detailed yet refreshing guide to the life of the Prophet and the story of Qur’anic revelation.’


Click the book for more info

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  1. Excellent Paul.

    There’s a presentation by the author here. Amazing individual…

    (I’ve got a couple of other interesting stuff that I might send your way via email)

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  2. Couldn;t find it on Kindle.

    Please do share some quotes from it when you start reading it


  3. Assalamolaikum Yahya,

    As far as I’m aware there’s no plans for a kindle version. I think the author is working on an interactive app instead. The book is an academic textbook with some brilliant study aids to help learn the Seerah. There’s an interview with the author below. It’s definitely worth the investment. The author is a lot more than just a good writer, I’d rank him as a highly brilliant educationalist similar to Sal Khan of Khan Academy fame. It’s a masterclass in how to study and acquire knowledge using contemporary study techniques eg. see his ten minute study guide on how to memorise the 23 year Seerah timeline – he demonstrates it in the above presentation that I posted.

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  4. WS Imran,

    Thanks a lot. Will take a look, inshaAllah.

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