Blair condemned 

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  1. It’s rather ironic of the Sun to join in with the condemnation – I’m pretty sure they weren’t doing that when the war started.


    • Sadly the Sun believes in only one thing which is selling newspapers don’t forget these are the same people who reported on their front page that 1 in 5 British Muslims supported violent extremism only to recant in a small blurb when revealed to have been misleading.

      In truth Mr Blair and Mr Murdoch are remarkably similar.

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  2. If only Donald Trump would have been president after 9-11.

    “I love Saddam Husein…. He did one thing right, he killed terrorists”


  3. Chilcot doesn’t denounce him as a liar but according to Galloway this report is enough to make Blair stand trial for misconduct in public office. The war criminal charge seems a lost hope


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