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  1. Beautiful. Simple. Profound.

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  2. …and lifts us beyond the deeply limiting terrain of crede and doctrine. I aas quoting from the Conference of the Birds, Sufi, Persia on Sunday…the lovely story of the rich man who becomes a mouse, destined to haunt his old earthly home where he stored his riches; a lovely parallel to the gospel teaching about riches on earth which eventually corrode and become worthless.

    I increasingly feel good stories are more therapeutic and helpful to our world than sermons…after nearly 30 years of ministry and preaching, that’s a bit of a shift!

    I also note the psalmist often takes his inspiration for the realm of the natural order…God who made the heavens…and is continuing so to do….creation is not a past event; it is unfolding; with or without our help.


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  3. All I can say is, BEAUTIFUL!

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