Its a funny old world

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  1. I fear wars more than terrorism. Because terrorism is very localized and it affects the people of a particular area that it strikes. But war is widespread and it affects millions.


  2. It doesn’t get more ridiculous than this. American bombs don’t intentionally target civilians, terrorist bombs do. Considine should be smart enough to understand that. This guy is a disgrace.


    • ‘American bombs don’t intentionally target civilians’ – tell that to the Japanese, Germans and the Vietnamese (and others)


    • You’re moving the goalposts and changing the subject. Considine isn’t talking about wars from the past.

      Don’t you agree that terrorists deliberately target civilians? And that the US does not?


    • yes of course they target civilians, but the West finance and arm regimes that are well known to deliberately suppress and kill innocent people, for example the massive support the US gives to the Zionist regime.

      There is a great deal of evidence the US targeted Iraqi civilians (torturing and killing them – yes deliberately) during the Iraq invasion.

      Drone strikes have killed and continue to kill hundreds of children and adults.

      You are in denial dude.


    • You are a disgrace and you turn people away from your nutcase religion


    • Paul

      The muslim middle east arms and finances known terrorist groups who suppress people in their areas of influence, and kill innocent people.\

      America’s involvement in the middle east – including iraq – is supported by and aided by muslim countries in the middle east.

      But you are still changing the subject. Considine is an emotional reactionary who couldn’t put two logical thoughts together even if his life depended on it – no wonder you guys see eye to eye with him.

      Muslim terrorists deliberately target civilians, it’s the whole point of terrorism – it’s why it’s called terrorism and Considine shouldn’t speak about something he seems so ignorant of.


      The Saudis are deliberately targeting civilians in Yemen and have targeted and suppressed Shia civilians in their own country.


    • D you are an apologist for western support of terrorism. Sick. At least Muslims condemn the killings carried out by IS.

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    • There it is. Classic, talk yourself into an illogical hole, then lash out with ad hominems when you are called on it. Classic.

      If you are right,then that makes you an apologist for mulim middle eastern support for muslim terrorism.

      The truth, it hurts.


    • So sad. You fail to condemn terrorism when financed or committed by the West. Double standards. Hypocrisy.


    • D you claimed the US does not intentionally target civilians.

      Reality exposes you as ignorant or liar.

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    • Actually D is both. And a troll


    • Lebanon, iraq, Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Kurdish regional government, those countries do not support terrorist groups. The arabian peninsula with Turkey are the main financier of terrorists.

      “America’s involvement in the middle east – including iraq – is supported by and aided by muslim countries in the middle east.”

      What does that mean? They asked America to help them fight terrorists or to support terrorists? If the latter, what does that make America?


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