But by then it will be too late..


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  1. So when you’re no longer conscious and are unable to report your findings.

    How convenient.


    • Don’t worry. One day you will find out for yourself.


    • Oooo the threat! The fear and violence your death cult is based on. I shake in my boots.


    • not a threat, a promise.


    • Not convincing. Just shows what a small, sad and pathetic human being you are – betting on another human beings torture after death.


    • Your hatred for God betrays the doubts in your heart dude.


    • I don’t hate god dude. Just your pathetic attempt at fear tactics and bullying. I don’t believe your deity exists. It is of no concern to me. You exist though.


    • I think you DO believe God exists. Deep deep down in your heart. One day you will meet Him face to face. Why not prepare for that moment now?


    • You can think that if you like but it’s not true.

      I only believe in your pathetic attempts to threaten me with torture.


    • I find both sides of this argument beyond ignorant. Neither side proves anything nor makes a valid point. Just a way to edge on each other. You aren’t proving your beliefs, your all simply proving your lack of respect for each other. Tearing apart your own character and image.

      Paul your argument can easily be turned around on you “You know I think you DONT believe god exists, deep deep down in your heart. Your simply scared to be alone. ”

      Godless no one on this thread or page threatened you. Not with torture not even with hell.

      How about instead of insulting each other and claiming to know someone else’s individual beliefs you actually have a real respectful conversation sharing perspective. Even if you cant admit there’s a chance your both wrong the LEAST you can do is realize how you both hold your very different beliefs in the same way. You both believe your right so much and you should respect the way you both feel that for you individual beliefs.

      Most importantly you should both grow up.


    • Actually, yeah he did. It’s fairly obvious what soneobe neans when they say ‘you’ll find out when you’re dead!’


    • No, it could simply mean you’ll see the god he believes in when your dead. No one said “You’ll be punished when your dead” or “you’ll pay when your dead”. You”re claiming something you assumed was implied, but it wasn’t.


    • And seeing this God will be rosey and happy and full of sunshine and goodness. We will sit on the heavenly lawn and eat icecream and wear rose colored glasses.

      Come one…

      It seems very clear. Especially since he didn’t correct it and continued down the path of threat. If I said something that looked like it implied something else, and someone called me on it, I’d be quick to correct that misinterpretation. Not so in this case.


    • I think you were too quick to assume on what he meant, i think you still are. I also think the beginning of your comment assumes what this specific theist believes his god to be. I believe you need to take a step back and reevaluate how your coming off.


    • Thanks for the advice, mate. I’m fairly certain that’s what he meant, but if he disagrees I’ll certainly hear him out.

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    • “I think you Do believe God exists. Deep deep down in your heart.” I have come to believe that surely, these must be the most useless words a Christian ever says.

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  2. Life After Doubt,

    Paul is Muslim, Duh!


  3. No one can conclusively answer the question until their time comes – and the dead don’t talk.

    All we can do is observe the world and universe around us, and draw our conclusions from that.


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