Is ISIS an Islam Problem?

Published on 23 Jul 2016

Brother Sami Zataari returns (hurray!) to address a popular question posted to Muslims. This new video, the first one he has made in a long time, discusses whether ISIS is an Islam problem.

He writes:

‘There are some who argue that it is wrong to claim that ISIS have nothing to do with Islam – and ISIS are in fact very much connected to the religion of Islam, and so Muslims are simply being in denial when they try to say that ISIS have nothing to do with the Islamic faith.

So is this argument true? Or do Muslims actually have a point when they say that ISIS have nothing to do with Islam.’

Categories: Extremism, Islam, Islamophobia, Terrorism

16 replies

  1. Sami, please start doing debates again.


    • Yes, brother Sami and brother Bassam should debate once again and brother Sami’s website is also gone. Don’t know why they stop debating I am sure they have their reasons still I think they should take out some time to preach.


  2. Criticizing the Islamic State is good. But we should not categorically refuse IS for itself but only those acts we don’t agree with.


  3. Nadir, either you are masquarading as a muslim or you have serious psychological issues.

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  4. Muslim scholars are not ‘secular humanists’ , and yet they all condemn isis. So please take your non-Islamic, crack-pot opinions and troll elsewhere. Idiot!


    • You can condemn IS. But we should try to discuss in a normal way about it. We should list the points where we agree with IS and and those where we don’t.


  5. Nadir, the grand mufti of Mecca, has condemned isis. Is he secular liberal as well??!!!


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