Pastor JD Hall comes out and powerslams Wood’s desperately inconsistent and intellectually dishonest attempt to defend Dr Nabeel from criticism from Bible believing Christians.

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David Wood, Seth Dunn and Nabeel Qureshi

I awoke and stumbled out of my Sunday afternoon hibernation bunker to a flurry of messages in the combox I share with the Pulpit & Pen guys, and saw that Seth Dunn was being beaten like a red-headed stepchild in social media (sorry for the lack of colloquialism trigger warning for all you gingers out there) thanks to a video by David Wood. Being blissfully unaware of the dog pile in the cesspool sump that is Twitter, I had to be apprised of the latest hullabaloo (that’s the official word, I think). Allow me to lay down a little suppressing fire for my good pal, Seth, and ask exactly what the big flaming deal is.

By the way, I reached out to a mutual friend of Wood and asked for his number. Wood declined to speak with me, so my qualifying questions of the gentleman may have to go unanswered. I am just the little people, after all. The little person, interestingly enough, who was asked for his endorsement of a video series Wood did on Islam and who gave it a glowing recommendation. I thought that would at least get a howdy-do, but I digress…

Synopsis of the situation as best I see it: Seth Dunn did a post at the Rolex of Polemics Blogs, and questioned the consistency of Nabeel Qureshi’s recalling of a reportedly salvific vision. Qureshi, in case you didn’t know (I didn’t) is a best-selling author and has capitalized on the novelty surrounding his conversion to reach a semi-stardom in the realm of Muslim-Christian apologetics. Qureshi also serves on Ravi Zacharias’ ministry outfit (which interestingly enough, says it doesn’t have an “official position on the Roman Catholic Church” – more on that later) and makes the rounds on the lecture circuit.

Seth pointed out in his July 4th post that Qureshi is speaking at the Reset Conference, an ecumenical meet-up for heretics, including mystical Ann Voskamp (who wrote a book about making love to God), Word-Faith and prosperity pastrix Christine Caine, Matt Maher (a Roman Catholic) and a Southern Baptist who regularly receives direct, divine revelation, confetti canon baptistry extraordinaire, Ronnie Floyd.

Seth then posted a video montage of Qureshi telling his vision account in contradictory ways. Seth ended the post with, “Rather than judge Christian speakers by their backstories, Christians should judge them by the ongoing demonstration of their faith.  No one’s dream or vision is more trustworthy than gospel presented in Holy Scripture.”

Seems smart to me.

After all, there have been conversion stories from former Muslims that have been, I think we all could agree,less than honest. And if you don’t believe me on that, I’ll remind you of a guy who wasn’t raised in a madrassa in Beirut to do jihad who learned English watching the Dukes of Hazzard.

Now, if I could get folks to let up on the social media purple nurples and Twitter wedgies for just a moment, I’ll iterate some facts here.

Fact 1: Seth didn’t say that Qureshi wasn’t ever a Muslim. He has pointed out the words of James White, that Qureshi’s sect is to Islam what Jehovah’s Witnesses are to Christianity.

Fact 2: Seth didn’t say that Qureshi wasn’t a Christian. Like, nowhere. Like, not even anything close to that.

Fact 3: Seth didn’t say that Qureshi’s vision wasn’t true. Yep. Read it again, if you doubt it.

Fact 4: Seth was charitable to Qureshi, stating that – and I quote, hence the quotation marks – that Qureshi has given “slightly different accounts.” Oh, the outrage. How dare he use such hyperbole and exaggeration. Oh, hold up. Yeah, so turns out that Qureshi has indeed given “slightly different accounts” of his conversion vision.

All those facts being, well, facts, let me move on to a few more observations.

Observation 1: It is wise to question any vision. As a card-carrying cessationist, that understatement might actually lose me my credentials.

Observation 2: It is mandatory to question any vision. Bereans were noble for testing what was said against the Word of God. I feel from Wood’s pompous polemic, a “how dare you, sir.” Well, we aspire to be Bereans. So sue us. We don’t accept visions based upon a feel-good pragmatism that it might be used as an apologetic talking point. If you expect Christians to go through the Scripture with a fine-toothed comb to understand the Oracles, you can bet we’re going to put your vision through a sieve.

Observation 3: At the very least, contradictions in purported visions or novel conversion stories are troublesome and potentially very problematic. If you don’t believe me, I know this guy who wasn’t raised in madrassa in Beirut after all. Furthermore, you can bet your bottom rial that Muslims will be testing the vision and conversion story as well.

Observation 4: As Seth pointed out in both his July 4th post and his redux, we should rightly raise an eyebrow at any Christian – let alone any apologist – who considers Roman Catholics to be their brothers in Christ. That’s concerning. If someone trades the works righteousness of Islam for the works righteousness of Catholicism they’ll win a front row ticket to the upcoming ecumenical conference in hell. Furthermore, anyone who speaks at a who’s-who of theological Downgrade should rightly raise the other eyebrow.

Observation 5: Wood takes issue with Seth’s use of that video posted by a Muslim apologist, Yahya Snow. Apparently, Christian apologists don’t like Muslim apologists and don’t think they’re good sources (who knew?). Might I add a bit of common sense to this pillow fight? Snow’s video showed Qureshi contradicting himself in his own words…on video. Does it matter who posted the video? Yeesh. As we say back in the Ozarks, “for crying out loud.” Remember back when the Beirut-raised jihadi from Ohio attacked the videos of his lies uploaded by Mohammad Kahn because Kahn was just a dirty Muslim who couldn’t be trusted? Yeah. Good times. Good times. Turns out Kahn was right. Thanks for the ad hominem, though. For the rest of us who do believe our lyin’ eyes, we’re not sure why it makes a difference.

Observation 6: Wood’s defense of Qureshi’s contradictions that he simply “misspoke” gave me the heebie-jeebies and a bit of deja vu. I was legitimately crossing my fingers that he wouldn’t call them “factual statements that are self contradictory.” While Wood is thoroughly convinced that due to his intimate personal knowledge of Qureshi that he’s on the up-and-up, this boy from the Show-Me State is going to take a wait-and-see attitude. The validity of his contradictory accounts will have to be proven to Bereans by the fundamental soundness of his doctrine as determined over an extended period of time (hence the concern of Observation 4) as well as against the Word of God. To put it succinctly, we will be held accountable for not believing the Scripture, not for not believing your dream story.

Observation 7: Wood’s comparison of Qureshi’s mis-speaking to William Lane Craig accidentally saying, “two plus two equals five” is a comparison beneath an intellectually honest apologist who is good at…thinking and stuff. Clearly, Craig has not saddled his ministry on the empirical truth claim that two plus two equals five. Craig did not receive his notoriety or fame based upon the empirical truth claim that two plus two equals five. Qureshi, although no doubt a smart guy with lots of natural gifting, has hinged the selling point of his novel conversion on this story. He best get it right and be consistent.

Observation 8: Wood is a smart fellow with a cutting wit and has spent some quality time with the PC figuring out how to make entertaining YouTube videos. Good on him. Wood went to great length demonstrating his aspiring mental superiority to Seth Dunn, pointing out Seth’s typos. And, as we all know, everybody loves a grammar Nazi. Amiright?  No, really. It’s totally charming. In fact, I’m going to end this sentence with incorrect punctuation just to drive him nuts?

After watching Wood’s video, I was left wondering if they teach people how to be condescending braggarts in Apologetics school or if it’s just something you have to pick up along the way. Apparently feeling the burden of always having to be the smartest person in the room, Wood has let it go to his demeanor. And yet, I’ll be the first to admit that tone is subjective and even if Wood is the egotistical windbag he seemed to be, it wouldn’t discount his criticism. I just wanted to throw this observation in for good measure.

Observation 9: What should be noted is the way in which Wood discounted Seth’s (very rightful) discernment and skepticism based upon his status as a mere apologetics student and lack of a proofreader. Wood echoes the sentiment of too many computer chair apologists, that only a select few of the especially elect uber-geniuses are entitled to use their noggin. I personally think it’s great that an apologetics student from Georgia is making the evangelical word think about things more deeply and question these things. As a polemicist, if somebody is claiming a vision and they’re not spot-on, especially when coupled with troublesome theology, it’s kind of a big deal. The attitude from Wood seemed clear, however; if you are not me, don’t have an opinion.

Here’s the thing, though…

Bereans didn’t attend the online school of internet apologetics. The Bereans simply judged what people were saying in the name of God to the word of God and took a cautious, skeptical approach when being taught – even when being taught by someone with the credentials of the Apostle Paul. They raised an eyebrow. They looked down at the Text and back up at the speaker and back down to the Text again. This situation is very simple. A guy who doesn’t understand that Catholicism isn’t Christianity and who has some troubling prosperity gospel, Word-Faith and ecumenical yoking is making a name for himself by telling a story, but has told that story several different ways. No matter how you cut it, that deserves some caution.

And that’s all Seth asked for. My cessationism aside, contradictions and bad theology are at the very least a cause for concern and should rightly be pointed out. I get it. Wood’s claim to fame was questioned. Outrage. Hiss. Boo. How dare he [I’m shaking my fist, you just can’t see it]. In the mean time, I’m over here with a well-deserved raised eyebrow or two.


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  1. I checked out the article by Seth Dunn,where he was very respectful in his criticism.

    I don’t know much about Nabeel Qureshi,but the Ahmadis’ founder, Mirza Ghulam Qadiani, said he was a reincarnation of Jesus.

    How can he say he was a real Muslim?That is dishonesty.

    In the end Wood tells Dunn to not be a Christian teaher,very disgusting.

    How can David Wood agree with that? In his 40 min video in defense that Qureshi was a Muslim,he conveniently doesn’t mention it.

    That fact,that the Ahmadi founder historically claimed to be a reincarnation of Jesus is found here and there,in books and articles,two being:

    “Religion and Politics in Pakistan” by Leonard Binder(1963),page 260.,reincarnation+of+jesus&source=bl&ots=k5BpHQDz7R&sig=wIQa3F5uxzLzsJT613vpOvDqyAk&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjQibPXvaHOAhXh34MKHZKgA7M4ChDoAQhEMAg#v=onepage&q=ahmadi%20founder%2Creincarnation%20of%20jesus&f=false

    And also in “Islam in the World Today: A Handbook of Politics, Religion, Culture, and Society” (2010),page 730,an

    academic book by Cornell University:,reincarnation+of+jesus&source=bl&ots=z95z6OL73X&sig=y30bvQnobnUGEIDCfnzGL5VrZmY&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjPhaKFwKHOAhXn24MKHdxYAFI4FBDoAQgdMAE#v=onepage&q=ahmadi%20founder%2Creincarnation%20of%20jesus&f=false


  2. Dr. Qureshi is a benchmark example how you to make a living out of simply being anti-Muslim these days.

    It’s obvious he “professionalized” his salvific vision, made it look more dramatic so that it sells better.


    • A very prominent anti Muslim Christian apologist told me privately that he had expressed his concerns about Qureshi’s story but would not make it public for fear Muslims exploit the disunity.


  3. Paul Williams

    Tell that very prominent Christian apologist who has seen the lies of Dr. Nabeel Quraish and fears to expose it makes him a liar himself, un-Christian who does not follow the example of Jesus Christ and will pay for that sin.

    Dr. James White spoke about the inconsistencies of Dr. Nabeel Quraish and he(Dr. James White) was insulted by other Christians including Sam Shamoun. Dr. James White stood by his words and still critical about Nabeel Quraish dishonesty and lies. Dr. James White helped the Muslim who exposed Ergun Carner to preach for the dismissal of Ergun Carner from the Christian ministry he belongs to. Dr. James White goes against every odds to caution Christians like Sam Shamoun, David Wood etc. to stop their dishonesty in calling Islam as violent while sleeping with Christian violence.

    Dr. James White do attack Islam in an unfair ways like his Christian friends but is quick to point their lies even thought he also lies some times.

    Paul Williams is noted for coming out publicly against many Muslims he think they lied. Why is this very prominent Christian like to be hearing the lies of Dr. Nabeel Quraish as part of the spreading of the Gospels with lies?

    Christians will always want to hear what they want to hear-lies, and attack on Muslims and Islam and that is why Donald Trump is getting more votes from evangelical Christians. Jesus will not be happy with them(Christians who accepts liars and haters like Nabeel and Trump).

    You abided by his request not to mention his name and that is good for following the promise. We do not want his name either.

    We know whoever he is does not follow the law of Jesus Christ. So Dr. Nabeel must be let alone to keep telling lies to Christians and collecting their money? Because you fear Muslims will talk about the disunity? Muslims are already talking about the lies of Dr. Nabeel Quraish, Ergun Carner Walid Shoebat, Aayan Ali, Irshad Manji etc. who are liars gays, lesbians etc. who hate Islam because it does not tolerate not them but their practices.

    When Paul Williams was against his Muslim colleagues, he did it for his conscience and his fear for his Lord but not Christians talking about the disunity.



  4. JP Hall wrote,regarding David Wood’s 40 min video against Seth Dunn’s short article;

    ”Fact 1: Seth didn’t say that Qureshi wasn’t ever a Muslim. He has pointed out the words of James White, that Qureshi’s sect is to Islam what Jehovah’s Witnesses are to Christianity.”

    In the video Wood actually said the Ahmadis are to be compared to the Seventh Day Adventists,that the Ahmadis are the Muslim equivalent to the Adventists in Christianity,

    (who believe there is no hell,that Jesus and the Archangel Michael are the same,that one should worship on Saturday instead of Sunday).

    They give a lot of importance to the thoughts of Ellen White,their founder,but Ellen White,unlike Mirza Ghulam Ahmad,the founder of the Ahmadis ,never,never,never claimed to be Jesus reincarnated,incarnate.

    Surely Wood must know that.

    JP Hall wrote:

    ”Observation 4: As Seth pointed out in both his July 4th post and his redux, we should rightly raise an eyebrow at any Christian – let alone any apologist – who considers Roman Catholics to be their brothers in Christ.

    That’s concerning. If someone trades the works righteousness of Islam for the works righteousness of Catholicism they’ll win a front row ticket to the upcoming ecumenical conference in hell.”

    I admire the consistency of Hall and Dunn,since by their doctrine of salvation by faith only,all who don’t believe it are not Christians.But Jesus is less strict:

    But in Mark 9:38-41 and Luke 9:49-50:

    ” John said to Him, “Teacher, we saw someone casting out demons in Your name,

    and we tried to prevent him because he was not following us.”

    But Jesus said, “Do not hinder him, for there is no one who will perform a miracle in My name, and be able soon afterward to speak evil of Me.

    For he who is not against us is for us.

    For whoever gives you a cup of water to drink because of your name as followers of Christ, truly I say to you, he will not lose his reward.”

    According to Dunn and Hall’s the Catholic doctrine of salvation by faith and works makes the Catholic Church be unchristian.Any other idea leads straight to hell.

    That is a historical problem.

    Roman emperor Diocletian began a persecution of Christians,lasting from 300-312 AD and 3,000 were killed.

    The Christian writers of the time,even before,and soon after,never mention the doctrine of salvaton by faith alone.Those 3,000 martyrs then,using Hall’s logic,were not real Christians,and went to hell.


  5. Greetings,you wrote:

    ”This is incorrect. The Seventh day Adventists believe in the Trinity. Perhaps you mean the Jehovahs Witnesses ”

    I was showing the wrong analogy used by Wood in his long,long 40 min video,of course the Ahmadis are to Muslims what the JW’s are to Evangelicals and Calvinists(like James White).

    But Wood says the analogy to use is the Adventists,which is wrong,since their founder never claimed to be a reincarnation of Jesus.

    Does Wood consider the JW’s to be true Christians?I think not,even though their founder never claimed to be Jesus incarnate.

    So why should Wood defend the Ahmadis as real Muslims?


  6. JP Hall wrote:

    ”Observation 4: As Seth pointed out in both his July 4th post and his redux, we should rightly raise an eyebrow at any Christian – let alone any apologist – who considers Roman Catholics to be their brothers in Christ.

    That’s concerning. If someone trades the works righteousness of Islam for the works righteousness of Catholicism they’ll win a front row ticket to the upcoming ecumenical conference in hell.”

    According to Dunn and Hall’s the Catholic doctrine of salvation by faith and works makes the Catholic Church be unchristian.Any other idea leads straight to hell.

    That is a historical problem.

    A.From 1550-1600 the Jesuits converted 200,000 Japanese to Catholicism,there was a great persecution and 3,000 died as martyrs.

    They died a horrible,long death,the authorities wanted them to recant their faith,that was why they tortured people for hours and days. The objective was to get as many apostates as possible,many did.

    The OFFICIAL religion of Japan had been Buddhism since the year 600 AD,and the persecution and torture was approved by the Buddhist monks,the highest Buddhist authority wrote and signed the edict prohibiting Christianity in Japan.

    Those 3,000 martyrs,due to circumstances,had never heard the Calvinist and Evangelical doctrine of salvation by faith alone,so according to White,Qureshi,Wood,Ravi Zacharias,Shamoun,Hall and Dunn,they went straight to hell.

    B.Christianity was almost destroyed in Japan and for more than 200 years in existed undergound,WITH NO BIBLES,the people who still believed in Jesus only had oral tradition,though mixed with Buddhism.

    In 1868 came a new regime,the Meiji,which almost destroyed Buddhism in Japan,of the 100,000 Buddhist temples, 40,000 were destroyed (between 1868-1874)

    Shintoism was declared the official religion and the Japanese emperor was declared a living god.

    By then there were about 10,000 secret Christians and they reappeared,thinking they were safe.

    Urakami Yoban Kuzure(1869) was the biggest of four crackdowns on Christians in Urakami Village, Nagasaki, Japan in the 19th century.

    Christianity was prohibited in Japan for 259 years, from 1614 till 1873.

    It was triggered by the re-baptism of “Secret Christians” who had been discovered by a French Padre, Father Petit Jean.Under the Tokugawa Shogunate,before the Meiji regime, everyone had to belong to a Buddhist temple to prove that they were not Christian.

    Those who were found to be Christian were tortured for information on other Christians and then executed. So, the discovery of one Secret Christian usually led to a number of them being executed. A small group of Secret Christians confessed their true beliefs to Father Petit Jean at the recently completed Ōura Catholic Church. They were found to have drifted from Catholic doctrine over their 250 years in hiding and therefore deemed in need of rebaptism

    In the early hours of the 4th of June 1867 the crackdown began with officers arresting and torturing 68 residents of Urakami and trying to force conversions out of them. This led to protests from foreign consuls, and the Tokugawa Shogunate relented. However, soon after Tokugawa Shogunate ended

    and in February 1868 the new Meiji government appointed Sawa Nobuyoshi in charge of public order in Kyūshū. His dislike of all things foreign was well known, and, after consultation, he decided to deal with the problem once and for all. His plan to exile the entire village was approved by an Imperial Council:

    and in total 3,414 Christian men, women, and children were sent into exile to all over Japan.

    While their fate, after being exiled, appears to have depended much on the local magistrates, , forced labor and forced conversions were the norm.

    About 680 or 20% of them died during their internment in various penal colonies. Religious freedom was finally granted in 1873 and the prohibition on Christianity was lifted allowing the internees to return to Urakami.

    Those 680 martyrs didn’t,due to circumstances,know anything about the doctrine of salvation by faith,so using Wood,Queshi,etc logic,they went to hell,even though they died for Jesus.


  7. Hi all
    Just lisened to j. whites latest dividing line! Wow, whites really got a thing for david wood! 😜 A case if true love! Maybe whites wife should be jealous!


  8. Ironically, white attacks Yahya Snow’s videos as dividing Muslim/christian dialogue, yet fully endorses david woods videos against Islam. The irony!! The vile Islamaphobic
    drivel david routinely spews out, is really bringing the two
    communities together!! LOL.
    White, you’re a hypocrite! (I know you read this blog😜).
    You have the nerve to condemn Yahya Snow for being
    divisive, yet you praise david wood in a way that is just
    frankly, verbally making love to him! 😜.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Good point.

      White has the hump that somebody from this end of the net who is not clambering to debate or fawn over him as a “Dr” but rather treats him as any other internet apologist and deigns to critique him as anybody else would receive criticism.

      White can use as much charged language to keep people away from my error-correcting of his “scholarship” and pointing out some of his nuttiness as well as the disagreements amongst he and his co-religionists.

      At the end of the day, White knows he is struggling to respond to some of the critique. Even pastor Jacob Prasch made note of White’s inability to respond to the critique he put forward.

      White needs to get over it and recognise he’s just another dude on the net.

      Real scholars are at universities teaching – I recently had an email response from Dr Wayne Grudem – it was a respose from his student who looks after his email inbox. Grudem (a real scholar) is too busy for email as he is teaching and doing scholarly stuff.

      Bart doesn’t consider him a scholar either. Mike Licona, who I have had amicable interactions with as well as Dr Bass are way out of White’ league too.

      White needs to get over himself and just accept criticism gracefully and stop thinking he’s above folk.

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  9. JD didn’t powerslam anything. He only continued to show that his and Seth Dunn’s “journalism” are becoming nothing more than hit pieces. If anything, David Wood eviscerated them, and showed their lack of finding out the facts when reporting, as well as Seth’s lack of editing his hit piece. Using Yahya Snow as their resource is laughable and sad at the same time. They need to mature and should repent of their anger that is starting to manifest. They have become the Alex Jones of Christianity.


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