Part 1 of 2 Jonathan McLatchie revisited. Br Paul (me) and Br Mansoor. Speakers Corner

Filmed by me last Sunday. As one Youtube commentator put it:

‘Jonathan came in with the tune of “eye of the tiger” in his head and after this convo he left the scene as a gazelle.’

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  1. You guys could have had a field day with him. So many missed opportunities!

    When he says the word “God” is understood in two senses, he means this. God can be understood as the subject and can be understood as a predicate. This is a social trinitarian view. Leave aside the umpteen problems with this. God the subject in this model is not a person and does not have the attributes of full
    divinity , while the persons have all the attributes to define them as God but cannot be said to be God in the subject sense.

    This leaves us with a bizarre reading of the Old Testament. When God acts and forgives we assume we have a construct of this sense

    God is forgiving

    This cannot be directly true on this model! In other words the Old Testament has been cryptically constructing sentences this way but we cannot believe it to be literally true. It has to be a cryptic metaphorical way to indirectly refer to the persons that is revealed by progressive revelation !

    Then when asked about the concept of Jesus being a third of the trinity he tried to avoid partialism by saying that he is not dividing the substance. Ok then we are left with a polytheistic phrase!

    Jesus is a third of the trinity.

    This means he is a third of a group ! Where is the unity in one Godhead here?

    Furthermore, we have two substances now. The “trinity” and God as the subject and substance. We don’t want that do we? So what Jesus a third of ? We are going by substance theory according to the Creed . A substance is the framework by which all things are predicated of. If God is the only substance (we are using terms that this person used in the debate) the “third” has to be predicated of the substance .

    So the statement should be Jesus is a third of the Godhead which is identical to saying that Jesus is a third of the substance ! No that is not what we mean by the Godhead. Oh really? So what is the third sense we are now talking about ?

    I could go on and on and on here.

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  2. Is Tahweed Allah?


    • Seeker

      Tawheed is an Arabic word which means One God. Tawheed is not Allah please. Tawheed is just an Arabic word. Muslims do not worship Tawheed but Muslims worship Allah who is One, Only and Alone God of Abraham as the Bible clearly said.

      Trinitarians God is defined by 3. Trinitarian God has to get 3 before He is God.

      Tawhid is the indivisible oneness concept of monotheism in Islam. Tawhid is the religion’s most fundamental concept and holds that God is One and Single. Because of the “principle of Tawhid the Islamic belief in God is considered Unitarian.”

      A Trinitarian cannot say he does not worship Trinity because Trinity is his God.

      A Muslim can say he does not worship Tawheed but he worships Allah because Allah is not Tawheed itself.

      I worship Allah but I do not worship Tawheed.

      Can a Trinitarians say he does not worship Trinity?

      All Churches have cross to depict their God i.e. Trinity.

      Muslims hardly have any Tawheed depicting Allah, so Tawheed by itself is just a word that means one that is indivisible. Allah is one and indivisible.

      Trinitarian God is divided into 3 and without 3 or counting 3 there is no Trinitarian God. So Trinitarian God is not one but 3 or depends on 3 to exist. Without 3 there is no Trinitarian God.



    • You smoked tahweed?

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    • It’s you know who – I’ve deleted further comments he has made


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