The Muslim Contributions To Ireland – Untold Story (VIDEO)


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In this time and age, Muslims and the religion of Islam are being associated with extremism and terrorism and as a barbaric people who know nothing but violence, as the mainstream media likes to portray us.

Ustadh Wahaj Tarin discusses the real legacy of Muslims and unfolds an untold historical event when the Caliph Abdul Mecid, helped the people of Ireland during ‘The Great Hunger’ when over a million died and another million fled. The Ottoman Caliph sent over 1000 silver coins, that would be equivalent to over a £1 million today. And he also sent a number of ships full of food. Initially, he wanted to send £10,000 but was blocked by the British.

James Robert Flynn (AKA Jim Flynn), is the emeritus Professor of Political Studies at the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand, mentions the Caliph’s contribution to Ireland, in his book:

“As an Irish- American…

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