Muslims against terrorism and extremism

This afternoon I met up with some Muslims doing da’wah (for an explanation see here) in Edgware Road, London. They have two jobs to do: 1) to explain from the Islamic sources (Qur’an & sunnah) that groups like ISIS and Al-Qaeda are not Islamic, 2) to explain what Islam actually is as a religion: the existence of the Creator; that He alone is to be worshiped; his prophets and messengers etc. Photos were taken on my humble iPhone. Click to enlarge. You can read some of their leaflets at

IMG_1697 IMG_1699 IMG_1704 IMG_1707

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  1. may there be more people like you guys… great cause… may you have great results too

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  2. When I first saw the link I was so happy, “Finally” I said to myself, “we are going to see the millions of Muslims who are against ‘Islamic Terrorism’. If not the Millions then the hundreds of thousands. If not that many, then at least tens of thousands. and If not that many then at least a thousand, or a few hundred.”

    But then I clicked on the link and my joy quickly turned to utter disappointment.

    Only Four? Count them One, Two, Three, Four Muslims. .

    Don’t disrepair I said to myself. Maybe it was the camera angle? Maybe the hundreds of Muslims were actually off to the side out of camera view? But then I scrolled down and did not spot the mass multitudes.

    But then I realized, this was not against Israel or Jews or even the United States, so no wonder hundreds of thousands of Muslims didn’t show up.

    So let that be a lesson to you, if you want hundreds of thousands of Muslims to show up for a Muslims against Extremist and Terrorism, you have to make sure you change the name.

    “Muslims against the extremism and terrorism of Israel or the Jews, or the United States”.

    Yah that will draw them in for sure.


    • Muslims in the UK agree with the government that ISIS is a barbaric terrorist group. Countless Islamic scholars throughout the world have condemned it. Our views are well known.

      So there is little point in protesting in the streets. But our government does tend to support Israel in its persecution of the Palestinians, so it is right to protest in that situation.


    • Right so many Muslims are against ISIS that only FOUR count them ONE LITTLE MUSLIM, TWO LITTLE MUSLIM, THREE LITTLE MUSLIMS, FOUR LITTLE MUSLIMS showed up against ISIS.

      Yah like I said you guys need a plan B, and you better start figuring that out real soon. I mean like yesterday. Cause this plan A of yours never worked before and its not going to work now with almost DAILY jihad attacks in Europe.

      Seriously if you can’t see the optics on this, how bad this looks, then you are truly oblivious.


    • Yeah, if Muslims don’t do what some random idiot on the internet wants them to do, they better watch out.


  3. Seems to be a good in initiative. But it will be futile to make others believe that Islam is a nonviolent, peaceful religion if Islamism is allowed to continue to exist. An internal debate within Islam is needed in how to interpret certain religious texts. The Islamists are helped by that fatal connection between politics and religion that has always existed in Islam. Islamist leaders quote religious texts to motivate their actions, well aware of that their ideological adversaries will have difficulties to dismiss the entrenched rules and attitudes in these religious texts.


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