Nudity & modesty on display at the Olympics

Egyptian and German beach volleyball players at the Olympics. In the Western team the women have to play virtually naked. The Egyptian players are dressed in modest Islamic attire which does not make them into sex objects for men’s viewing pleasure.  Source




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  1. Can’t believe that you are pushing such an inhumane practice as though it upholds women. Doublethink at its finest.

    This primitive practice of forcing women to wear layers of clothes in stifling heat is so obscenely inhumane – you don’t wear layered clothes on the beach on a hot day because you can die from hear exhaustion. Meanwhile, the pious muslim man strolls around in open-toed sandals, shorts, and lightweight cotton tees.

    Of course, the germans won – their bodies could work more efficiently and regulate their body temperatures far more efficiently than the inhumanely wrapped Egyptians. I wonder if they had a choice, or if that decision was made by some committee of clerics.


    • D

      You porn watcher. The nudity is the western values and it encourages porn industry which is one of the best Western market places. There are so many porn sites and are generating more money and they are brainwashing you to resit any modest dress that will kill their industry and so you are going against the Bible and Jesus Christ in support of the Western nude values.

      The nudity promotes sex, rape, gang rape, prostitution, fornication, child molestation, adultery etc. and it must be resisted and the Egyptian type of dress must be adopted for all whether Muslims or non Muslims.

      In the early 1900’S women in sports are not nude and they wear long jerseys and you can google and see. It is play boy and other nude motivated companies that started to design these nude outfit to players with the lies that it makes them perform well. No it is not.

      D. Men do not wear under wear and braziers like these women but they perform well. D. If wearing under wear and braziers makes people perform well, why are the men not wearing underwear here

      You see, all these designer underwear and braziers makes people perform well is a lie designed by the West and porn industry to fool people like you D, so that you can watch more porn and visit more strip clubs and abandoning Jesus Christ and his mother’s modest dress.



    • Intellect

      Porn watcher?


      Top 10 countries for porn watching……

      1. Pakistan
      2. Egypt
      3. Vietnam
      4. Iran
      5. Morocco
      6. India
      7. Saudi Arabia
      8. Turkey
      9. Philippines
      10. Poland

      I sense a change of subject coming on….what’s that you say about the Triune God?


    • D

      The USA is the top of the countries that watch porno. Most of the top 5 are not majority Muslims at all.

      This is the site.

      China dot org is more reliable than the site you provided. The site you provided is not independent but started with Muslims as its agenda. China do org has no any bias but just started independently.

      USA is a big country and China is a big country and so it is logical their population will have more porn watchers. India and Pakistan are also big countries with more populations. Some of the Muslim majority countries like UAE, Dubai etc. have a lot of immigrants there from all over the world and there is underground prostitution which the government is not eager to crack for fear if it does crack, it will kill its tourism industry and also investment from the West.

      Andy, I mentioned Snoop Doggy Dog also who is a male singer that take delight in showing nudity and sex in his videos. The males in the swimming are also nude but the volleyball ones are not nude. All these was started by the playboy and porn industries to brainwash people like D so that they will resist any modest dress of Jesus Christ and his mother. Instead D will prefer the strip club type of dress. In the early 1900’s swimmers do not dress nude like these days.

      God did not force anyone to dress modest but to advice that modest dress is morally good than showing your body in a volley ball contest for D and people like him to keep watching the tantalizing parts and after that visit a strip club, drink and get intoxicated then have sex.

      The Egyptian ladies will not influence anyone to go to strip God other than to follow the example of Jesus Christ and his mother who will not under any circumstance dress like the Germans and play volley ball. I image Jesus and his mother strip like the Germans at a beach. Jesus and his mother will under no circumstance do that.



    • Intellect

      “China dot org is more reliable than the site you provided. The site you provided is not independent but started with Muslims as its agenda. China do org has no any bias but just started independently.”



  2. D you are so funny sometimes.

    If you ever went to a desert you would take off all your clothes off because it is sooo hot. Common sense right?

    But your Arab hosts will be wearing white clothing all over from the top of their heads to their feet.

    You would be dead in hours my poor silly enlightened European friend. LOL

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    • Except for the women who will be wearing heat absoring black clothing covering all over from their head to their feet. ANd underneath the women wear some kind of legging, or even trousers, and a long-sleeve top. It is absolutely disgraceful.

      Of course, the reason women are forced to dress this way is because it further discourages them from actually going out – who wants to go out when you could die of heat exhaustion?


    • D

      You are against everything Islamic. They Egyptians has to win more games against some nude ladies before they qualified to the Olympics. You are like Sam Shamoun, you do not think before attacking Islam and Muslims.

      They Egyptian women who are not nude and are well dressed like how Jesus will approve had to play other nude women before qualifying for the Olympics to be there. How about the nude women the Egyptians beat? The Germans beat other nude women, and does that mean those nude women that were beaten could not have their bodies work more efficiently and regulate their body temperatures far more efficiently? Even though they are also nude like the Germans?

      D you call modest women who cover their bodies as being treated inhumane? and you are happy with naked women? You better be at strip club. The strip club women dress like the German volley ball players and no Church will welcome that dress in but will welcome the Muslim women in their Churches after the basketball.

      Egypt has a lot of Christians and their volley ball players have Christians and non Muslims among them. If they do not like the modest dress they would not have been part of the team. Some Christians and non Muslims wear scarfs just like the Muslim hijab and will not welcome the German volleyball team in their nude dress in their homes in front of their children and family be will welcome the Egyptian volley ball team because they are not primitive but modern and the Germans are primitive where showing human nudity is supreme.

      If you are a man reply me with sensible rebuttal.



    • D

      You said;
      Of course, the reason women are forced to dress this way is because it further discourages them from actually going out – who wants to go out when you could die of heat exhaustion?

      I say;
      May be you do not know what disgraceful means. The mother of your God was born in the Middle East and was covering her self from head to toe and I swear she will not be naked like the German volley ball players and venture out. That is modesty displayed by the mother of your God and she is Mary the mother of Jesus Christ.

      Your God Jesus Christ is always depicted in your Churches as wearing long robes in the heat of the Middle East. You insult your God Jesus Christ by calling he and his mother’s modest dresses as inhumane and you preferred the strip club type of dress. God luck Mr. stripper D. You are a stripper yourself. The Bible is against nudity of all forms including volley ball players. It is the West who are forcing their nude values on women and not the other way around.

      Watch the videos clip of Rihanna, Beyoncé, Nicki minaj, snoop dogy dog etc. and you will see nudity exhibit. According to Hollywood the nude part makes the videos and films marketable and so they producers have to add nudity, sex and many social vices condemned by the Bible to get market and sales.

      The Western values is about nudity, prostitution, sex, drug, gang etc. and they brainwash people like D to resist any modest dress but to support nudity, sex and strip clubs which are hot cakes in the West and all against the Bible.

      Jesus Christ and his mother will go near the Egyptian volley ball team and will ask the German volley ball team to dress like the Egyptians before meeting them no matter what the weather is.


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    • Intellect,
      Clearly you have done a lot of research on this subject – it must have been a struggle to watch through all of those Rihanna, Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj videos, but I guess someone had to do it.
      And what about all the male nudity going on—meet-the-other-half-of-team-gbs-diving-duo


  3. excuse me but your falseness is coherent with what is wrong with people today!

    in a western society we have what we call “human rights” do you not agree? under the human rights charter many countries have signed, especially if let’s assume you are a westernised country; and under that ‘law’ we are obliged NOT to discriminate against what we know as “persons”. It’s funny how the feminist cries “bloody murder” when it suits her.

    another way to look at it is ‘self expression’ this falls under “free will” so if i cannot express myself whether it be because of religious reasons or anything else for that matter then how am i able to express myself freely? none of us here can deny that this woman is dressing this way because she is ‘forced’ to do so by anyone else but her God which she believes in..

    your statements above are not only discriminatory but false as they underline and show your true agenda without even the hint of thought lol


  4. The Church in the West takes some responsibility in all this. If the Church in the West was more vocal in defending women from the onslaught against female modesty and pressure to conform to sexualised dress codes perhaps we would not be in the mess we are in today.

    I’ve said it before, even the Church’s effort to fight the tide against gay marriage is undermined by their lack of voice on issues like modesty and heterosexual dating. This selective protestation doesn’t help the Church’s credibility.

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    • D is supporting nudity, sex, fornication, adultery etc. to the extent of being brainwashed by playboy and porn industry which is mega million industry in the West. D confused himself with nudity like the Amazon forest inhabitants who are un civilized and because of that nude like the German volley ball players. Jesus Christ and his mother were born civilized and cover themselves from head to toe no matter the weather and heat.

      D is therefore uncivilized like the Amazon jungle inhabitants who walk naked and that is what D wants and supports because the playboy and porn industry has brainwashed him to think it is civilized to open your private parts to the public like the strip club style.

      The Church will not speak much against that except few pious men of God like Pope Benedict who came openly to apologize to the victims of the Church Fathers who got raped, molested and sexually harassed by the Church.

      D is in the Amazon forest world when he says exposing people private parts at a volleyball is civilized. Most Christians will not agree with D on this one because Jesus Christ and his Mother were civilized people and will never dress like the German volleyball players publicly under any circumstances. Except D who thinks Jesus and his Mother are uncivilized because they do not want to expose their private parts like the uncivilized Amazon forest inhabitants who have never seen an aircraft before.

      The Egyptian ladies looks more civilized like Jesus and his Mother than the German volley ball players who are primitive like the Amazon jungle inhabitants and sex slave of the strip club type indoctrinated by playboy and porn industry and D is a victim of this twisting of facts.



  5. Radio silence from Fido! Way to go brother Intellect! The missionary dog has run away with his tail between his legs.

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    • D

      Stripper D

      Primitive Amazonian nakedness D. Where are you?



      Look at this beautiful US Muslim fencer who is the first Muslim to compete in hijab for the US and won bronze for her country US. Is it not beautiful? Without the nakedness of primitive Amazon jungle under wear dress with full of buttocks, hips, breats, waists, etc. exposed for the public view inspired by plaboy and porn industry. It is inhume to treat this German volley ball players and other nudity in the west as sex slaves for your porn industry.

      Western brainwashed Stripper D supports the strip type nudity of the primitive Amazon forest against a decent dress of Jesus Christ and his mother Mary.



    • D

      I repeat. Earlier in the Olympic games, athletes do not expose themselves naked like this. Until brainwashed by play boy and porn industry to think it is best to be naked in sports. In the early 1900’s and downwards sports men and women dressed decently. Until now when the playboy and porn industry decided to take people like D backwards into the Amazon forest with nakedness.

      The Amazonians, cannot be blamed at all because they are primitive and some have not seen an aircraft before and that is how they are.

      But a civilized world of D to be brainwashed and dial the clock back into Amazon jungle is very foolish, stupid and deserves condemning into dust bin.

      The sport girls in hijab and decent dress still look beautiful.



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