Unbelievable? Yes!

Jay Smith and Beth Grove (see below) have a rather bad reputation within the Muslim community as people who attack their faith relentlessly. They do not come across as Christians who care about people as people. Also, Smith’s methodology in particular is radically inconsistent: on the one hand he adopts a uncritical, fundamentalist view of the Bible, for instance attributing apostolic authorship to the four gospels (in disregard of virtually all NT scholarship); and on the other hand choosing to aggressively promote the most sceptical, radical theories of Islam’s origins and highly tendentious interpretations of Sirah and hadith.

Such a radically inconsistent methodology vis-à-vis Christianity and Islam, underpinned by an aggressive missionary zeal, has had the unintended consequence of creating a new generation of Muslim apologists, bloggers, and debaters, who have risen to the challenge of refuting him.

As Smith returns to his native land in the Fall, he might reflect that this will possibly be his most lasting contribution to the Muslim scene in the UK. To which I say Alhamdulillah!

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  1. I checked up on Jay Smith and he does show that inconsistency of not applying the same method regarding the NT and the Quran.

    And then I saw a debate between Beth Grove and Tabasum Hussain on “Woman in the Bible and the Quran”,fascinating.

    Then there is another youtube debate between Tabasum Hussain and Mary Jo Sharp(I think she is Baptist) on the same theme.Mary Jo Sharp is really very charismatic as a person.

    In one of the gospels it turns out that Jesus was against polygamy,not surprising since in Jesus’ time the most popular group were the Pharisees.

    They were divided into 2 groups:one,the school of Shammai,was for polygamy,

    the other,that of Hillel,was against it.

    Here is a short 6 min video showing the extroverted personality of Mary Jo Sharp,it is if Jesus existed:


  2. I remember when I was still a university student in London I used to visit Hydepark, I was young irreligious . It was the time I met Jay Smith the Islamic “expert” and was confronted by him. He was yelling bad things about my religion and the Qur’an using printed materials and banners. I never foget that day I felt I was so defenceless , JS forced me to think seriously about Islam.

    Now 20 years after, I have gained considerable knowledge in Islamic studies traditional and contemporary, biblical scholarship and Judaism, Islamic apologetics, picked up modern Arabic as well as able to digest classical arabic and hebrew sources. And now Im actively involved in Mosque activism as well as in one of the most respected Islamic da’wah & counter missionary organization in my country succesfully helping christians to find peace and worship the one and true God in Islam.


    However things has not changed much for Jay it seems 🙂 He can even read the arabic Qur’an, nor finish any degree in Islamic studies, just the guy with same shallow old anti -Islam rethorics and propaganda .

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