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  1. Do any of the Jewish “bibles” have an equivalent to the new testament Psalm 82:6 “ye are Gods”?

    I think I heard someone say it in a discussion in speakers corner that I watched on youtube. If there is I think it must be either a mistranslation or a corruption of the book because it is very contradictory to the rest of the scripture therein


    • I believe it’s “gods” in lower case which makes a difference in the Hebrew language as it refers to people in authority such as judges. Others have interpreted it to be talking about Angels.


  2. Beware of the sources one uses for fundamentalist polemical purposes.

    Under “Islam” in the same encyclopedia:

    “Since he claimed to be a restorer of the ancient, pure religion revealed to Abraham, he connected his teaching with that of the Holy Scriptures of the Jews and Christians, of whose contents, however, he had in many particulars only a very imperfect knowledge—his teachers having been monks or half-educated Jews—and this knowledge he often repeated in a confused and perverted fashion. What he received from the Jews was mixed with haggadic elements current orally among Arabian Jews or existing in written form [—probably preserved in Ethiopic translations of Hebrew pseudepigraphic writings.—K.]; and his conception of Christian teachings was sometimes that of the heretical sects (Collyridians, Docetæ) scattered throughout the Orient, and not recognized in the canonical doctrines of Christianity. As has recently been shown, Mohammed himself not only borrowed from Jews and Christians, but was influenced also by Parseeism, with the professors of which (“majus,” “magian”) he came into direct contact (I. Goldziher, “Islamisme et Parsisme,” in “Actes du ler Congrès Internat. d’Histoire des Religions,” i. 119-147, Paris, 1901).”

    “[Muhammad] repeated in a confused or perverted fashion”- ain’t that the truth!!


    • So Paulus you agree that Judaism was/is Unitarian and that Jesus reaffirmed the Unitarian creed in Mark 12?


    • I agree with Bauckhams assessment personally.

      Do you agree that Muhammad was confused and perverted the previous scriptures? Did he mix a concoction of incorrect stories and sources?


    • Paul W

      Jesus affirms monotheism – unitarianism is an exegesis that does not make sense in light of the full context of the NT.

      regardless, the islamic concept of god with 99 who-knows-whats is nowhere described in the OT or NT.


  3. Over the years I’ve found the survival of Judaism and the Jewish people to be rather interesting. Despite the odds against them throughout history, they’ve managed to survive even though plenty of great and powerful nations have risen and fallen all around them. God truly is a guardian over Israel, but it has nothing to do with the people of Israel being special but rather because of God’s promise to Abraham (Deuteronomy 7:7-8).
    God stayed faithful to His words even when they sinned (Deuteronony 9:5-6), but His covenant is with all the children of Abraham (Christians and Muslims too) and all those who acknowledge Him and do what is right (Acts 10:34-35). So He will be faithful to all of us also, despite our flaws.


  4. Slightly off topic but just had to get this off my chest so to speak. Just listened to james whites rantings on his alpha onega ministries, the one he posted last week, marcus rodgers videos.

    Just wanted to say Brother Paul you are absolutely right not to waste your time debating james white. Although whites tries desperately to hide it he is a closet islamaphobe! He’s been reading some crazed ISIS e-magazine where they want to ‘brake the cross’ and from that he makes the link to the Prophet Mohammed and the Quran disagreeing with christians! Are you kidding me, white. You just refuted all those videos you made proporting to be consistant and fair towards Muslims. You’ve shown yourself to be the hypocrite that you are. You’ve only made those previous videos so Muslims will debate you in their mosques , ( he makes a big deal about debating INSIDE A MOSQUE!!!!! WOW!!!).

    White also rages against Yahya Snow claiming he causes division between muslins and christians, yet fully supports shamoun and wood! White you are a pathetic hypocrite!! I know you troll this blog. You mention Pual Williams too many times not to read his blog!!

    I really think it’s time we Muslims boycott debating these islamaphobes so that we do not give them a platform for their hatred and bigotry! Someone should send this dividing line video to Adnan Rashid, so he won’t debate him ever!
    White, your youtube channel really is the ‘dividing line’! Your thinly veiled bigotry and inconsistency really does divide people, rather than bringing to a better understanding! You truly sicken me!

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  5. LOL, once again, missionaries like Lassie cannot offer an intelligent response to any challenge to their religion without ignoring the challenge and instead deflect to Islam. Has anyone else noticed this trend?


    • Yeah, except we’ve proven over and over again that modern scholarship has proven that first century Judaism was not Unitarian. But we all know how you like be a taqiyya ninja with facts. And here we have Paul relying upon a “source” that is 100 years behind scholarship.

      Dawah level: fail

      And of course you are right in a sense, we shouldn’t expect Muslims to be consistent in their sources. I’ve proven it true on this post and on the last, when you cited one western scholar because his conclusions seemed to verify some aspects of Islamic thought, while dismissing the larger majority as only ‘pseudo scholars’ because they contradict your unhistorical fundamentalism .

      Now, go ahead and have the last word. We all know you can’t help yourself- you proved me right on the last post with this aswell. Given your need to interject at almost every point, you become almost predictable… “Insult, insult, LOL, insult insult taqiyya statement that you’ve refuted some argument as stupidity.”

      There, perfect summary. Now watch…


    • Of course Judaism was and is Unitarian and so was Jesus. You have given no evidence to the contrary. Show me in the Bible where Moses or any of the prophets or Jesus denied Unitarianism and taught that God was three coequal persons of to trinity.

      Of course you can not.


    • Paulus,

      Any good books you can point me to that support your claim that Jews were not Monotheist in Jesus time? I like to look at the arguments from all sides and to the best of my ability.



  6. I would answer you questions directly Paul, but I wont for two reasons.

    1. This has been discussed ad nauseum and we both know that relying upon a source 100 years behind the evidence and scholarship is not the way to do dawah or be convincing.

    2. I need to give Faiz another reason to salivate on his keyboard by simply highlighting the utter hypocrisy and double stadards of your “arguments”. So, here goes: “Show me in the Quran where Muhammad or any of the prophets deny Trinitarianism and teach the doctrine of Tawheed.”

    Now, if you cite the verse from the Quran mentioning “three” then you’ve admitted that the Quran is critiquing the trinitarian doctrine, but since it gets it wrong, then the Quran is in error.

    Or you can admit that the Quran does not deny the trinity and thus by your standards this must mean that Trinitarianism is true since it neither denies trinitarianism nor affirms Tawheed.

    I’d hate to be Faiz’s keyboard right now…


  7. Lol, see brother Paul? Lassie will just bark for a while, give no proof and then switch topics. This is what he does. This is all he can do.

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    • Yep he has a poor understanding of his own faith – which is a bit embarrassing


    • question was answered. Modern scholarship rejects the overly simplistic approach of Muslims that early Judaism was Unitarian. Paul knows this, he is just pretending to be interested in the “evidence”. That is why he has to cite a source over 100 years old, and even then, not one favourable to Islamic thought thus his selectivity. I could by all means produce the evidence here but I’ve seen that neither of you are actually interested in this aspect in the past.

      So I merely pointed out the facts that this source is not friendly for Muslims and that Paul’s argument is easily refutable by simply reversing the request.


    • Sadly Paulus is a bit of an intellectual fraud. He refuses to provide any historical evidence that Judaism rejected unitarian monotheism. Nor will he provide any evidence that Abraham, Moses and Jesus were Trinitarians.

      Enough said.


    • Bauckham, probably the foremost scholar on this topic.

      “In my view high Christology was possible within a Jewish monotheistic context, not by applying to Jesus a Jewish category of semi-divine intermediary status, but by identifying Jesus directly with the one God of Israel, including Jesus in the unique identity of this one God. I use the term ‘unique identity’ as the best way of speaking of the uniqueness of God as generally conceived in early Judaism. The concept of identity is more appropriate, as the principal category for understanding Jewish monotheism, than is that of divine nature. In other words, for Jewish monotheistic belief what was important was who the one God is, rather than what divinity is.”

      Now, since I’ve had to disprove your simplistic and somewhat ancient approach to this topic (again) by citation of a leading scholar, this can all be put to rest.

      Or will you continue to cite outdated and historically inaccurate sources to repeat your fallacies as nauseum?


  8. Lassie is just full of hot air.


    • Faiz,

      What! You didn’t know that Monotheistic/Unitarian Jews weren’t really Monotheist/Unitarian Jews in Jesus time. Didn’t you see all compelling evidence that Paulus provided? C’mon Faiz, you didn’t know that God poops and pees and at one time was a little baby in a manger named little baby Jesus. How dumb are you? Biblical Unitarianism just doesn’t follow and is not the result of sound biblical exegesis. God has revealed his tri-unity all through scripture, duh! Faiz, when YHWH said he was one how in the H E double hockey sticks could you in any reasonable and rational manner ever think he meant anything other than One being made up of three persons? Dude dont you know that the Prophet Muhammad’s declaration of one God contradicts scripture? Bro your lost your so lost…..Lol

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    • Also, when Jesus declared that man can only have one wife, I wonder what he meant by one! I also wonder if one of these sly Trinitarians can give me some advice so that I can cajole my wife into having one marriage with a plurality of persons (wives) thanks.

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  9. LOL, Jason! That was a hilarious impression of missionaries like Paulus.


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