‘Something about this bloke screams dodgy used car salesman’

I have witnessed Jay Smith countless times at Speaker’s Corner over the years. I think I know the secret of his success with other Christians (he has many a young protégé and a considerable following):

The secret is this: his personality.

Just watch the video. He exudes confidence and conviction. He is cheerful. At Speaker’s Corner he shouts Praise Jesus! a great deal. This confidence communicates itself to other Christians who have doubts, so they too can feel sure and certain about their Christian beliefs. Who could not believe such a man? But beyond the personality and hype and cheerful certainties this video takes a sober look at the historical facts with the assistance of a fellow Christian (and scholar) Mike Licona. After such a reality check I can see why someone said about Jay Smith: ‘Something about this bloke screams dodgy used car salesman’. Indeed there is!

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  1. Mike Licona is one of the coolest and most down to earth person you could ever talk to about the Bible. Years ago, me and Mike used to chat over the phone from time to time. I can tell you from first hand experience this dude is legit. Even with my questions and rejection of the Trinity Mike never, not once!ever called me a heretic or an apostate. I got a lot of love for Mike and respect his honesty and integrity. Dude is legit. Super cool cat. If only more Christians could emulate him.

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