The Idealist View of Reality – Professor Keith Ward

One my all time favourite lectures. I find it intellectually compelling.

There are competing philosophical views of reality. Main contenders are: common sense, reductive materialism, radical empiricism, and idealism. The lecture will review these, and defend an idealist view – that matter is a projection of mind, and that mental, conscious being is the fundamental form of reality. This is one philosophical basis for belief in God.


Categories: God, London, Philosophy

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  1. ‘Three Dialogues between Hylas and Philonous’, George Berkeley 1713.

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  2. Everything exist in Consciousness! Without Consciousness nothing is! Even the idea that things exist independently from Consciousness is only an idea that appears in Consciousness. If I learned anything from my exposure to Advaita Vedanta and Kashmir Saivism it would be that.

    Take care/stay blessed


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