Interesting: the idea of the Incarnation (God becoming man) is not found in the gospel of Luke or Matthew


Joseph Fitzmyer, S.J. is an American Catholic priest and professor emeritus at The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C.. He specializes in biblical studies, particularly the New Testament, though he has also made contributions to the study of the Dead Sea Scrolls and early Jewish literature.

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  1. Ok, granted. But you will certainly find many occurrences of it in Greek and Roman mythology. So what say you to that?


  2. I found a really touching blog here and would like to share it if it’s not being too intrusive . Muslims take note!

    Ideas for acts of kindness
    Pay for the coffee of the person in line behind you
    Make a thank you card for volunteers in your community – firefighters, libararians, the people working at your local charity shop etc
    Anonymously deliver some home baking to a busy mum
    Pay a compliment to a stranger who looks like they’re having a bad day
    Print out some colouring pages from the internet, staple them into booklets and deliver to hospital waiting rooms with dollar shop crayons
    Donate your skills or time to a charity that you feel passionate about – or bake some cupcakes for those who already are
    Write a handwritten note for your child’s teacher about the great job they’re doing
    Let a stressed out stranger jump the queue in front of you in the supermarket
    Donate blood
    Smile at the person who cut you off in traffic
    Give someone you appreciate flowers for no reason – maybe with a little note to tell them why they’re so important to you
    Take the time to chat with or compliment a colleague you don’t usually interact with much
    Thank your bus driver with a chocolate bar
    Take some craft supplies to your local kindergarten
    Print out a Free Compliments poster like this one – or make up your own. Pin it up in your lunchroom, on public noticeboards, on your fridge

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  3. Irony of ironies! You claim Luke denies the Incarnation (a lie which I am going to rebut shortly, Lord willing), whereas your false prophet affirmed it in his Quran! Enjoy:


    • LOL that is highly amusing.

      Warning. Only on-topic comments will be accepted on this post. Ie compulsive Islam bashing is not on Sam.

      NB: The idea of the Incarnation (God becoming man) is not found in the gospel of Luke or Matthew.



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