Ascent of Man image should be ‘the other way around’, leading expert in human evolution says

Todays Independent reports, somewhat unexpectedly:

‘Chimpanzees and humans are both descended from something more like living humans than living chimpanzees – however uncomfortable that may be to us’


‘The idea that humans evolved from a knuckle-dragging ape may not be true’

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  1. There are both biblical and quranic verses that say God turned (perhaps by a lengthy evolutionary process) some men into apes.


    • Where is this biblical verse?


    • Sorry I meant the Sanhredin. There was a legend to the effect that of the three classes of men that built the Tower of Babel, one was turned into Apes (Sanh. 109a; compare Yalḳ., Gen. 62)

      Sanh. 109a, R. Jeremiah b. Eleazar said: They split up into three parties. One said, ‘Let us ascend and dwell there;’ the second, ‘Let us ascend and serve idols;’ and the third said, ‘Let us ascend and wage war [with God].’ The party which proposed, ‘Let us ascend, and dwell there’ — the Lord scattered them: the one that said, ‘Let us ascend and wage war’ were turned to apes, spirits, devils, and night-demons; whilst as for the party which said, ‘Let us ascend and serve idols’ — ‘for there the Lord did confound the language of all the earth.’4


  2. Amazing science. Don’t you just love the ingenuity of some people. Top marks to the Prof.

    I remember watching the evolution debate with Yasir Qadhi in London a few years back. I’m pretty sure that he argued evolution sits well with Islam but the big problem was the creation of Adam. This was would perfectly solve that conundrum.


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