“Gay Nikah” and Other Absurdities


The Muslim Skeptic

A “gay nikah” or “openly gay imam” makes as much sense as “Catholic imam” or “atheist mosque.” Could there ever be such a thing as an Islamic bar mitzvah? Or an Islamic eucharist? How about a Muslim rabbi or a Muslim pope? You can be as postmodern as you want with words, but some terms are just contradictory. We can mix and match words all day, but the result is always nonsense.

Muslim gay rights advocates believe they can co-opt religious terminology for their purposes in their attempt to normalize fahisha.

Well, if they can be creative with words, so can we. Why can’t I co-opt words like, “gay,” “lesbian,” “homosexual,” “transgendered,” etc., and deploy them in new ways without regard to accepted standards of usage?

Let’s give it a try.

Truth is, I fully support gay imams. And gay nikahs. In fact, my wife and I had a gay…

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