Exploring 1 Kings 1:4 “Knew Her Not”: King David’s 12 Year Old Bride

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In the previous article published on Abishag’s relationship to King David, we found out that she was 12 years old when she was married off: “King David’s Marriage To 12 Year Old Abishag – Bible“.

Upon the article’s publication, we received a storm of comments on social media in regards to the article. We got positive feedback and we also got angry responses from hardcore Christians for exploring and showing Abishag’s true age at the time of her marriage to Prophet David.

One of the claims made is that we are “dishonest” and somehow spreading propaganda against Christianity, they claim that she was never married off. We don’t know if some of these commentators read the entire article, Abishag being married off is a view held among the vast majority of Christian scholars, the minority hold to the view she was a concubine. Either way, she was brought into King…

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  1. May Allah reward you and bless you,brother .
    What are christians gonna say?


  2. King David never had sex with Abishag, so the point is moot. Furthermore, Christians are not commanded to imitate the behaviour of any man – we are called to live up to the standard set by the incarnate god.

    Muslims are called to imitate mohammed who married a 4 year old and then had sex with her when she was 9.

    Paul Williams is honest enough to say that he would have no problem with a grown man having sex with a 9 year old – he endorses the kind of pedophilia practiced by mohammed.

    You guys should be honest too.


    • 1) The prophet David did marry Abidhaq.
      2) She was 12 yeras old.
      3) She was brougt to warm his body = to sleep with him.
      That’s quite enough for your ” standards” ! althogh we read why he didn’t have intercourse with her accordng to scholras who are not muslims.
      Also, it will encourage some christians mocking Judaism based on the life of their prophets since that’s the main job I see from christian apologists

      ” We are called to live up to the standard set by the incarnate god”
      I’m not sure what that means ?
      Did Jesus say anything about that?
      You meant that you shoudn’t get married ?

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    • Abdullah

      Discover the truth’s references suggest a heavy symbolism in the passage. David’s dotage and feebleness supposedly symbolizes the weakness of israel. Given this the girl’s age could just as easily be thought of as symbolic rather than an actual age.

      Regardless, christians are not called to view david as an example for our behaviour, muslims are called to view mohammed as an example. Even this point is moot since david did not choose the girl himself, but she was chosen for him, so even that differs from mohammed’s lusting for and pursuit of a 6 year old. So Abishag’s story doesn’t even reflect badly on David anyways.

      So, your attempts to defend pedophilia are not helped by Abishag’s story.


    • ” You gus should be honest ”

      ” Even this point is moot since david did not choose the girl himself, but she was chosen for him, so even that differs from mohammed’s lusting for and pursuit of a 6 year old. So Abishag’s story doesn’t even reflect badly on David anyways.”

      I loved the honesty of ” she was chosen for him ” !

      Man, you can hide behind these words,but how can you hide from yourself!? I can’t really taste or understand the way that you are thinking with.


  3. Hey guys
    I don’t understand why you are trying to look for dirt against people that you count as prophets in your book, so now you are trying to slander David you people are wicked.

    Faiz says…judging by the lack of repsonses they won’t say anything…really.

    1Ki 1:2 Wherefore his servants said unto him, Let there be sought for my lord the king a young virgin: and let her stand before the king, and let her cherish him, and let her lie in thy bosom, that my lord the king may get heat.
    1Ki 1:3 So they sought for a fair damsel throughout all the coasts of Israel, and found Abishag a Shunammite, and brought her to the king.
    1Ki 1:4 And the damsel was very fair, and cherished the king, and ministered to him: but the king knew her not.

    Where does the marriage take place in the verses above?

    Where does the text say that she is 12 years old?

    Verse 2 the servants are making a request for David…let there be sought…let stand…let her cherish…let her lie…THESE ARE REQUESTS

    Verse 4 tells us what actually happened…she cherished the King…ministered unto him in other words, she served him and took care of him.

    And then it adds for good measure…the King knew her not.

    Abdullah stop reading into the text what you desire to see, there is no marriage or sex in the verses no matter what people say.


    • Last time I checked the article, I read scholarly understanding for texts with references which based on historical context. Have I missed something in that article?

      I think christians got to know that their bible was baesd on Middle Eastern cultural context. You can’t run away from this fact! If you want to insist to read it with a modern western cultural context, then that would be your issue, and I think you have to deal with it.


  4. Hi
    Already where they got the age of Abishag just in case you think I don’t know!


  5. Hi Abdullah
    So you can’t tell the difference between a request being made by servants and actual reality? So blinded by your desire to prove a point about David that you don’t read the bible properly.

    I will say it again…v2 is the request and suggestions of the servants, it is not what happened between David and Abishag.

    V4 tells what happens after she is found and there is no marriage and sex, so you can quote whatever scholars and articles you want but I will go by what the bible says.


    • Has that article showed anything about our ” desires” ?
      That article just (quoted) biblical scholars. Have I missed something ?


  6. When you have to go head over heels to defend your prophets marriage to and sex with a nine year old child, you know you need psychological help.

    You Muslims defending Muhammad are disgusting. I’m sure deep down you hate the immorality you defend in writing. Be real men and walk away from the filth of immorality


    • Hi Abdullah
      The Jewish oral tradition and all the other stuff is not the word of God, I’m not going to be judged by what is written in them.

      The bible doesn’t say she was 12 and neither does it say they got married and had sex!

      This is a little bit pathetic it’s a bit like the article that was posted about Joseph being 90 years and getting married to Mary who was meant to be very young at that time maybe even between 12-14 years old.

      All this “let’s find some dirt on bible characters” is just weak, it’s like you can’t find anything decent to discuss always trying to discredit a man of God.


    • Lol, hey Lassie, how did you wander back in here off the street, you vagrant mutt?

      You’re obviously very angry that your Biblical double standards have been exposed. It seems the Israelites had.no problem with 12 year old girls being wives or concubines and neither did your god. LOL!!!

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  7. DC, what’s pathetic are your feeble attempts to brush off the embarrassent you are feeling. You always seem to think that you know more than previous generations of scholars of both Jewish and Christian traditions. That’s pretty pathetic.

    I wonder what do you think was the actual age of either Mary or Abishag? Let me guess…were they no younger than 18? LOL!!


    • Hi Faiz
      This is not about embarrassment but consider the following because you guys are trying to prove that this word always relates to a very young girl 12 year old or younger.

      Feminine of H5288; a girl (from infancy to adolescence): – damsel, maid (-en), young (woman).

      Rth 1:3  And Elimelech Naomi’s husband died; and she was left, and her two sons.
      Rth 1:4  And they took them wives of the women of Moab; the name of the one was Orpah, and the name of the other Ruth: and they dwelled there about ten years.

      Rth 2:5  Then said Boaz unto his servant that was set over the reapers, Whose damsel is this?

      The question for you is how old was Ruth when she got married?

      And having stayed in the land for 10 years returning back Boaz calls her a
      Na’arah so how old can someone be and still be called na’arah?

      There are a few other cases where the word is used to describe a young female.

      Jdg 19:2  And his concubine played the whore against him, and went away from him unto her father’s house to Bethlehemjudah, and was there four whole months.
      Jdg 19:3  And her husband arose, and went after her, to speak friendly unto her, and to bring her again, having his servant with him, and a couple of asses: and she brought him into her father’s house: and when the father of the damsel saw him, he rejoiced to meet him.

      Verse 3.
      …and when the father of the na’arah saw him, he rejoiced to meet him.

      Amo 2:6  Thus saith the LORD; For three transgressions of Israel, and for four, I will not turn away the punishment thereof; because they sold the righteous for silver, and the poor for a pair of shoes;
      Amo 2:7  That pant after the dust of the earth on the head of the poor, and turn aside the way of the meek: and a man and his father will go in unto the same maid, to profane my holy name:

      Verse 7
      …and a man and his father will go in unto the same na’arah
      to profane my holy name.

      For your information when na’arah is used it is not always in the context of 12 year old girl.


  8. There are three questions missionaries have blatantly not answered in regards to the article:

    1. If Abishag was brought only to clean and help King David, couldn’t his other women/wives/concubines do the same job?

    2. If she came over only to clean and help, why did the verses before 1 Kings 1:4 mention that Abishag came to “lie in the bosom” (“is a euphemistic description for sexual intercourse”) of David?

    3. If she was not married to King David, why did Solomon kill his own brother for asking Abishag’s hand in marriage after his father’s death?

    Furthermore, Na’arah most of the time refers to girls who are pre-pubescent (12 and below):

    1. Dinah was no older than 7 when she was married off to Shechem, she is a Na’arah:

    2. Rebekkah was married off to Isaac she is considered to be no older than 7 according to earliest of Rabbis, yet she is called a Na’arah/Na’ar:

    So in short, Abishag being 12 is a fact as much as some missionaries like to deny it.

    More articles are to follow on Abishag’s marriage and Rebekkah’s to Isaac, God willing.


    • Good points brother! These apologists don’t answer the difficult questions, because they know they cannot. So, they will just continue to ignore and avoid and hope the questions just go away. Little do they realize that the longer they ignore these questions, the weaker their position becomes.


  9. DC, you overlooked one important fact in the description of Abishag. 1 Kings 1:2 states that the king’s attendants were specifically looking for “a young virgin”. Thus, in this context, Abishag was a very young girl.

    “Wherefore his servants said unto him, Let there be sought for my lord the king a young virgin: and let her stand before the king, and let her cherish him, and let her lie in thy bosom, that my lord the king may get heat.”

    And since they went out looking for such a girl, it means that David agreed for such an arrangement.

    You still haven’t answered my question. If you don’t think that Mary and Abishag were young girls, then what age were they?


  10. Here’s a Hadith I found from sahih Muslim:
    I order you to be truthful, for indeed truthfulness leads to righteousness, and indeed righteousness leads to Paradise. A man continues to be truthful and strives for truthfulness until he is written as a truthful person with God. And beware of falsehood, for indeed falsehood leads to sinning, and indeed sinning leads to the Fire. A man continues to tell lies and strives upon falsehood until he is written as a liar with God.

    Whoever the author of “discover the truth” is, if it’s you Faiz I am calling you out for your dishonesty.

    As I said in a comment from the latest article:
    1 Kings 1:4 – The woman was very beautiful; she took care of the king and waited on him, but the king had no sexual relations with her.

    I didn’t want to comment on here after the last time I pointed out dishonesty and double standards but once again the amount of dishonesty truly shocks me.

    1st of all David was on his death bed about to die any time soon. He did not marry nor have sexual relations with Abishag, she was not his wife.

    These articles on David and Abishag are a waste of time. What a shame.

    You may be trying to retaliate to dishonest Christian apologists who apply double standards to Islam but to respond to dishonesty by being dishonest yourself is illogical.


    • ThinkWell,

      First of all, it’s not my website, but I highly recommend it.

      Second, you have completely ignored the detailed analysis of 1 Kings by Flying Pir. It is VERY clear that Abishag was a young girl. Accusing someone of dishonesty requires evidence. You presented no evidence. Flying Pir has provided contextual evidence as well as scholarly evidence, none of which you have responded to.


  11. ThinkWell,

    Let me ask you the same question I have asked DC (and which he continues to evade). What age were Mary and Abishag, since you deny that they were young girls?


  12. Faiz, it is indeed very clear from the text that Abishag is described as a young girl.
    However it is not very clear from the text that she was 12 years old, you can’t just make up numbers from the spot.

    How can you say I have presented no evidence when the Biblical text speaks for itself? There is no mention of age nor any mention of marriage so who is the one being dishonest? The Biblical text itself is all the evidence I need, but even if I were to look beyond the Bible, nothing I’ve found mentions a 12 year old nor a marriage. The only person who wanted to marry Abishag was David’s son, after David was already dead.

    Nowhere have I denied that either Mary or Abishag were young girls, simply that there is no reason to assume that they were 12 that’s all.

    But wait, here’s the funny part. Let’s assume Abishag was in fact 12 years old. What’s the authors point exactly? Because neither did she marry David nor did she have sexual relations with him. David died shortly after she was introduced to him.
    The dishonesty comes from the fact that the author states that Abishag was David’s wife without any evidence. You claim the rabbinic sources as evidence? Well the very same rabbinic sources say that Abishag was not married to David.

    But even if we take it further and also assume that not only was she 12 but she also married David, the question still remains, what exactly is the point? No sexual relations were involved.

    So either you are dishonest or ignorant of these facts. And if you are ignorant please don’t make misguided articles until you are sure of these facts.


    • OK, if you think assigning a specific age to Abishag is wrong, then the question is what do you think her age was? You don’t have to give an exact number. I’ll settle for an age range.

      Even IF David did not really have sexual relations with her nor married her, the point is that she was selected to be with him despite her young age. The point is that it was not an unusual practice in ancient cultures.


    • I’d say somewhere in her adolescence to early adulthood, so post-puberty around 15/16+.

      “The point is that it was not an unusual practice in ancient cultures.”

      Great that’s what I wanted to hear, because reading the article the intention behind it sounded completely different. I’m aware that marrying young was not an unusual practice in ancient cultures, that’s why you won’t find me using that as an argument against Muhammad. However times have changed and although puberty ranges vary between individuals, people in our society tend to mature mentally less faster than previous eras, on top of that, the way our society works there’s no need to rush to marry early. People have longer lifespans and jobs vary greatly compared to the standard manual labour and farming of older cultures.


  13. I’m pretty sure I sent my response which was completely on topic but it didn’t go through?

    Oh well I can’t be asked to repeat myself, enough has been said on my part, the Biblical text speaks for itself.


  14. “I’d say somewhere in her adolescence to early adulthood, so post-puberty around 15/16+.”

    I think that is higher than what was common in those times. “Adulthood” meant someone who had attained puberty. There was no such thing as “early adulthood”.


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