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  1. Paul great quote by Buchanan.

    In regard to Nietzsche and the transvaluation of all values, some have argured that what are now called “progressive values” today, are actually a return to the “regressive values” of a dark, immoral and paganistic past.


  2. Slavery has gone. That’s a measurable difference between then and now.


    • Eh. wrong!


    • “Slavery has gone.”

      Try and tell that to the hundreds or thousands of men, women and children working in sweatshops around the world.
      Try and tell that to the people in so called developed countries such as the US and UK who live trapped in basements in many houses across the country with minimal life provision.
      Try and tell that to the large proportion of women and children who are trafficked around the world as sex slaves.

      The list goes on… Tell me again how slavery has gone?

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    • everyone is free to ‘get on their bike’ in the pursuit of happiness


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