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  1. Szymon Perski of Poland was an invader and a war criminal who spent a lifetime plotting to steal land and terrorise its people.

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  2. “Israel must not only be an asset but a value. A moral, cultural and scientific call for the promotion of man, every man. It must be a good and warm home for Jews who are not Israelis, as well as for Israelis who are not Jews. And it must create equal opportunities for all, without discriminating between religion, nationality, community or sex… I have seen Israel in its most difficult hours and also in moments of achievement and spiritual uplifting. My years place me at an observation point from which can be viewed the scene of our reviving nation, spread out in all its glory… Permit me to remain an optimist. Permit me to be a dreamer of this people. If sometimes the atmosphere is autumnal, and also if today, the day seems suddenly grey, the president Israel has chosen will never tire of encouraging, awakening and reminding – because spring is waiting for us. The spring will definitely come.”

    — Shimon Peres, President’s inaugural address, July 2007[

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  3. Remember Qana


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