Evangelical scholar admits ‘Jews didn’t have any concept of Trinity’


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  1. If Jesus knew he was God, he was only pretending he was a jew of his day. Sinless?


  2. So Jesus’ plan was to have them work out the Trinity centuries after him?


  3. The poor jews!
    Their ” all loving god” have not told them any clue about the trinity or the son for more than 1500….!
    That “all loving god” kept telling them that he is not a man, no one is like him, and he doesn’t change, yet and after 1500 years of that teaching, he came walking around with parables, and for some reasons according to christians which we can’t understand, jews deserved to be punished severely for they didn’t believe in that god man!!
    Let’s not forget that the disciples believed that Jesus was a man/prophet after Jesus got “crucified”. I’m wondering what Jesus had been doing with his disciples about the most important doctrine according to christianity!?
    Those chritians are not stupid, but they are as Quran describes them
    Quran translation ( 3:71)
    ” O People of the Scripture, why do you confuse the truth with falsehood and conceal the truth while you know [it]? “

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  4. Nonsense. The Zohar talks about God being three in one.



  1. Trinitarian Forgery and the Zohar? – Blogging Theology

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