Islam and the myth of French secularism

Mehdi Hasan on why “laicite” is an easy excuse for Muslim-bashing.

From a recently proposed ban on Muslim women wearing burkinis to banning face veils in public, France has cracked down on Islamic practices in the public sphere.

The French government points to the concept of “laicite”, the strict French secular separation of church and state, to justify such measures, but a look at France’s practice of laicite proves there may be a double standard when it comes to Islam.

In this week’s Reality Check, Mehdi Hasan highlights some of the myths of French secularism.


Categories: Christianity, Freedom of expression, History, Islam, Islamophobia, Life in the West, Politics

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  1. So much for Liberte, Egalite, Fraternitie…… disappointing.

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  2. A great number of French politicians, presidents, prime ministers, members of parliament etc., who advocate no religious signs or symbols be present in public space (which is really no visibility of anything Islamic) have no problem wearing yarmulkes themselves.

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