Hate Preacher Pastor Steven Anderson vs Muslim on Trinity Ft. Shabir Ally

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  1. Hi Paul.
    As I said so many times…1st John 5 is not dealing with the trinity but answers the question of Jesus being the Son of God.

    The question that I have asked is…is there a heavenly witness to the fact that Jesus is the Son of God in the gospels?


  2. O dear Shabir Aly makes a fool of himself. The council of Nicea didnt come up with the trinity. That had always been accepted.

    Shabir should watch the encounter between Williams and McLatchie where Williams asks McLatchie where Justin Martyr wrote about the trinity. The expression on Paul’s face is priceless when he gets shown.

    That btw was not partialism it was just an illustration from nature.


  3. God’s plurality is expressed clearly and unequivocally in the old testament. When the NT speaks of Father, son and holy spirit it clearly shows each as possessing divine qualities. And nowhere is there any indication of anything more than triunity.

    Unfortunately, it is the quran that utilizes plural pronouns for allah that leave open the question of his plurality. It routinely refers to him as “we”, “our”, “us”, and so on. And then allah claims that he can take a consort from among “his kind” – i.e. allah seems to claim that other entities exist that are of his ilk. Allah sounds like a polytheist.


    • Frank,
      The plural pronoun argument against the Qur’an is old and tired. It is been explained again and again, that the Qur;an speaks in the “Royal plural.” Furthermore, the fact that the Qur’an repeatedly makes the point that God is one, and that there is no God but he, disproves your attempt to argue otherwise. It is similar to the same argument that Christians use against the Old Testament saying that certain verses and or words refer to a plurality rather than one, when the OT like the Qur’an hammer away at the central teaching that God is ONE.


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