The Muslim Theories of Evolution — ModWestMuse

this is a brilliant piece of work by MWM: 

There seems to be some issues with the Theory of Evolution. Let us use this opportunity to identify what they might be – if any… Please ensure you’ve at least read the Conclusion before you go. Thanks.

via The Muslim Theories of Evolution — ModWestMuse

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  1. Evolution was an Islamic Theory Before Darwin (Mohammedan Theory of Evolution)


  2. This well meaning video merely affirms the adage, “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing”.


  3. Theist: “Ok, I admit evolution is true for animals. But not for human beings! That abomination I will never accept!”
    Atheist: “That’s great! Welcome to the real world. (Thinks: “He’s only halfway there. But now it’s only a matter of matter of time…..)


  4. As a scientist myself with degrees in life sciences, I could not disagree more with Yasir Qahdi. I don’t doubt that he’s done great work, but I think he should limit himself to his area of expertise.
    I don’t even know where to begin if I were to criticise the content of the video.

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  5. DYK that Imam Al Biqa’i (born 1407) concluded that the period between Adam to the prophet is 100,000.


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