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  1. May Allah bless that man.
    I’m really upset from Zaytuna College! Why can’t we see more lectures from this man on its channel ?
    Those kind of people such as Dr. Ataei must be given more opportunity and space to give lectures.

    Thank you br. Paul and br. Yahya for sharing……

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    • I agree with Abdullah, it would be nice to see more lectures from Dr. Ataie. He is a very good speaker, and has good command of Semitic Languages, he is captivating and Interesting to listen to.

      I am always amazed when I speak to some Christians who still think that the name of the one supreme divinity is “God.” One wonders if they think as well, that Jesus was walking around speaking Germanic or some other European language since the word God etymologically comes from the Germanic root “Gott” meaning God and was applied to pagan Gods.

      Dr. Ataie did an excellent job of explaining the etymology of the name “Allah” and comparing its usage to other names and titles for God, in the Semitic language family etc.

      There can be no doubt that Jesus addressed the God that he worshipped by the Aramaic/Syriac name of “Alah” which justifies the Qur’anic usage of the word “Allah.”

      Interestingly, there are four letters in the name of God in Arabic which form a Tetragrammaton – (Alif, Lam, Lam, Hah [Allah]) – Feel the BOOM!

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