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  1. I have to say I don’t see the schooling part.

    Also, in a country where you risk ruining your career for being a pro-Palestinian academic, questioning Darwinian evolution, expressing opinions contrary to those championed by the LGBTQ lobby, etc., I think Chomsky is joking in saying you can freely and without risk publish material implicating the government in killing its own citizens.


  2. He has no opinion on building 7 because he does not know anything about it. Its like people who talk about the Quran and have never read it. There is no point making comments.


  3. Chomsky is a left wing gatekeeper (whether intentionally or unintentionally). He has no right to talk about 9/11 as he is not an expert on it. Just because he is a scholar in one field does not mean he is the authority on every subject out there.

    You would have more chance convincing me of the trinity then believe the official US government narrative on 9/11,

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  4. This topic triggers lot of questions.
    Just to refresh the memory of christians who “love” their enemies in Iraq.


    I find it quite interesting that even Dr Mike Licona is from those who praise criminals such as Chris Kyle.


  5. You may start this year for your reading list by reading this book for Susan Lindauer.


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