The Blessed Virgin Mary


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  1. Lying is a major sin in Islam (as per your other post)

    Can you please show us all where in the Koran or Hadith a woman is told to wear hijab because Mary is to be their role


    • what a peculiar question. Mary the Mother of Jesus as depicted in Western art is an excellent exemplar of modest dress as taught in the Quran.

      Mary is one of the most honoured figures in Muslim history, with the majority of Muslims viewing her as one of the most righteous women to have lived, and a minority viewing her as an actual female prophet.

      The Quran states: “O Mary! God has chosen you and purified you and again he has chosen you above all women of all nations of the worlds”.

      I hope you encourage female Christian missionaries to dress likewise.


    • In non-protestant Christianity Maryam* plays an important role. Especially as a Saint helping directly but also as a role model for nuns in particular. But Protestants do not follow this. Especially by their denial of celibacy and as Paulus shows again and again by their denial of modest clothing. From my personal observation practicing Protestant women are far more sluttier dressed than practicing Catholic women.

      Of course the Hijab is not commanded in the Qur’an in this way. But as Paul explained it is not baseless to say so and serves to embarrass those Christians who hate the Hijab.

      *I use the Arabic name (while I usually use the English names for historical people) because the name “Mary” is to widely used and I do not want to associate the blessed mother of Jesus with all these modern Western women.

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  2. So she doesn’t wear hijab because her religion tells her to?


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