“A paradox of truly world historical dimensions”


Hans Küng is a Swiss Catholic priest, theologian, and author.

Categories: Biblical scholarship, Christianity, History, Islam

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  1. “Though it may not be possible to establish exact proof of the connection, then indirect dependence of mohammed on sectarian Jewish Christianity is beyond any doubt.”


    So Kung can’t establish any proof of a connection between islam and jewish christianity, but there is still he asserts that the connection even while admitting he has no evidence for it.

    Also, Kung does not speak arabic and is not an islamic scholar – he s a catholic theologian who dabbled in a field where he has no expertise.

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    • regardless, what he says is insightful and historically accurate


    • That is a bizarre thing for you to assert. You quoted Kung as saying that it may never be possible to establish exact proof for the claim he later asserts is “beyond a doubt.” That means he hasn’t and can’t establish proof. That is not the definition of historical accuracy.


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