Open Air Preaching – Islam vs Christianity

About a year ago a missionary organisation Living Waters Europe turned up at Hyde Park in London unannounced on a Saturday (not the traditional Speakers’ Corner day which is Sundays). I popped down the road to meet up with them (I live nearby). I must confess to have completely forgotten about the debate. Thanks to AJ Deen for digging it up. Check out his cool YouTube page.

Published on YouTube 21 Oct 2016. Living Waters Europe wrote:

“In September 2015 we went to London to preach in the open. After being there for several hours and getting ready to wind down to leave, a Muslim (Paul Williams) came to challenge us. John Harris was happy to take on the challenge, and here is the full result.

Paul challenged us with typical Islamic arguments which have been addressed thousands of times, nevertheless, it was an interesting discussion.”

Worried comments by Christians on YouTube:




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  1. Watched the debate, and with respect to the Christian brother, PAUL WILLIAMS (hands down) destroyed the Christian with regards to every arguement he brought up.
    Well done brother Paul.

    Keep up the good work!!!

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  2. I do have to ask -were these preachers doing or saying anything specific that required you to intervene?


  3. “authority has been given to no one but Allah”
    where did this guy come from? germany?

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  4. “make a religion out of jesus”

    yes they make gods mercy and salvation embodied as a jew


  5. I recall the old post about this, back then, I tried to hunt down the video but to no avail. Great pick-up by AJ Deen. He’s doing excellent archiving and videography. Same with a few other YT channels like 79Sarwar, EF Dawah etc.. I wouldn’t be surprised if this has played a small role in Smith’s decision to stop – even the internet video output from SC is of better quality and quantity on the Muslim end of the spectrum. May God reward those brothers. Ameen.

    The irony. After pretty much exclusively preaching from works attributed to “John” he is asked what his name is: “I’m John”.

    The Christian’s argument was Jesus made himself equal to God yet his conclusion is that Jesus was God which is odd as one would think he would have concluded Jesus was another god alongside the Father as a distinct being if he literally believes in those texts.

    A ubiquitous trait amongst our Christian preacher friends is to resort to emotional arguments when struggling to convince folk through reason and proof texts. John, the preacher, fell into the same pattern here.

    I’d love to see an academic study of the type of theology concerning God one would conclude the Bible teaches using subjects who have never heard about the Trinity idea. So how about getting a load of folk in rural parts of China to read those texts as the subjects and let’s record what those peeps conclude the Bible teaches. Nobody would put their house on the Trinity doctrine being popular amongst their conclusions.

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  6. An interesting admission by John of Living Waters Europe in the comments section of Youtube:

    ‘no Christian claims that Jesus said “I am God” anywhere’


  7. Paul Williams, just as a matter of interest, did you delete the comment from “Paul Wally Got Spanked!” (dated 29/10/2016 – 5:51am) that said:

    Wow Williams! The guy smoked you in the comments section of his facebook page! He even used my material to pwn you! Rather impressive:

    It seemed to have disappeared? Sorry if I’m mistaken.


    • yes it has been deleted. Comments from Sam usually are.


    • But why, if he’s telling the truth? Wouldn’t that be unfair censorship? Would victory under such circumstances be classed as dictatorship where there is no way of receiving a positive comment from another fellow Christian? We don’t treat Muslims in that way on our YouTube channel.


    • oh well such is life. Thanks for your comment.

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    • …We also don’t treat Muslims like that on our Facebook page. Please, can I ask you to be fair and reconsider your policy for this blog and allow Christians to comment (even if they are not in your favour). That would be the kindest thing to do to make this debate even and balanced. I’m sure I can find many Qur’an verses to support such behaviour particularly since this video is addressing a debate between a Christian and Muslim.


    • Thanks for your suggestion. I have just reconsidered the blog policy. Result: no change. Have a nice day.

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  8. How would you feel if I simply censored and removed all the Muslim comments from our Facebook page and YouTube and then declared victory? Wouldn’t that be a false win? What could you possibly worry about. You have the entire Islamic community supporting you. Can I please ask you to reconsider one more time? It won’t be a fair discussion point if you censor everything. Besides Yahya Snow has already promoted this blog on our Facebook page. See here:

    Are you going to remove anything that disagrees with you?

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