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This is a fascinating book by two world-class scholars at Yale University exploring the divinity of Jesus in the Bible. This work is highly acclaimed by other scholars in the field. I recommend it to Muslims doing Islamic apologetics and daw’ah.


buy it here:

King and Messiah as Son of God: Divine, Human, and Angelic Messianic Figures in Biblical and Related Literature

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  1. Will order this book InshaAllah.

    Thanks for sharing.

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  2. This looks interesting and helpful.

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  3. Paul, If I just step back and think about it for a few minutes, it is mind-boggling to me how many scholars and experts in various fields, not just in theology or higher criticism, have done absolutely, positively their very best to figure out a way to refute his claims and those made by his followers.

    Paul, it shouldn’t be that difficult. It shouldn’t require that much effort, you know? It is extraordinary. This guy was a nobody, a nothing, an unknown. He was broke, uneducated, inconspicuous and there was nothing about his appearance that gave him an advantage. He had no friends with political or military influence. And he lived 2,000 years ago. No electricity, no modern forms of communication, indoor plumbing, vaccinations, printing presses, transportation over land beyond donkeys and horses. I’m not trying to preach, but this lone individual changed world history. He is the pivotal point in history, particularly in terms of Western civilization.

    The Qur’an refers to him repeatedly, which I just learned (thanks to you). I mean, it just seems to me that if he wasn’t 1. a real figure in history and 2. endowed with truly spectacular, unfathomable resources, he would have faded long ago. But, even in 2016 he continues to generate so much interest on so many levels. I’m preaching. I’ll stop


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