Atheism Refuted by Cosmology and Microbiology Data

Dr Mike Licona shows how the data from molecular biology and cosmology indicate Atheism is a false ideology as the data points us to a designer of life. These clips are from a debate with philosopher Matthew McCormick held at Sacramento State University in September of 2016.

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  1. About what Licona says around 3:20: I’m not sure if he misspoke or if it was Sagan and Crick who imagined life-producing trials spanning over a period of 4 billions years. It could not possibly have taken that long since we know there was life relatively quickly after the formation of the planet.

    Also, the calculations done decades ago and based on the probabilities of molecules assembling into a primordial organism are kind of obsolete. Life is not just about the availability and the aggregation of organic units; it is first of all about the highly complex hierarchical structure of digital programs that engineer living organism. If you don’t have the program you don’t have life. And that’s the probability everyone should be preoccupied with in my opinion.

    I think there is more to show that spontaneous generation is not only absurdly unlikely but plain impossible.

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