In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.


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  1. The Aztecs were a great civilisation , and they believed human sacrifice a necessity in maintaining stability.

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  2. Is allah being merciful when he commands that you stone adulterers, and kill apostates?


    • It’s a deterrent dude, so yes it is severe mercy. If God did not issue a deterrent people might fall into sin and maybe end up in hell. The point is to avoid adultery and apostasy.


    • paul

      It’s human sacrifice. You offend allah when you don’t carry out his commands.

      Of course, it is hilarious that you don’t see the full ramifications of your assertion. People have to die – i.e. be sacrificed – so that others don’t fall into sin. Sounds like human sacrifice to save people from sin to me.

      But I’m glad to have exposed your doublethink, being merciless is mercy. LOL.


    • “Severe mercy”?!? Hahahaha

      Must be similar to “loving hatred”


  3. Is severe punishment mentioned in OT? Does our society punish ( whatever the form of punishment might be) criminals? But what has that got to do with human sacrifice?


    • Rm

      No one claims that stoning adulterers to death is merciful. Or that killing apostates is merciful.

      “But what has that got to do with human sacrifice?”

      Being rational, I thought you could have figured that out yourself.

      Allah commands that you sacrifice apostates and adulterers to save others from sin – thus, you have to sacrifice other human beings for the salvation of others, and to appease your god. Classic human sacrifice.


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