Christian Apologetics (And Its Problems) In Miniature

Discover The Truth

Andrew Livingston

I have a challenge for my readers. I want you to get on Youtube right now and find any random formal interfaith debate about Jesus. Or at least any debate about his alleged divinity or resurrection—the two most important topics. Feel free to stray as far from the top results of your search as you want. Then listen to the Christian’s opening statement. Listen to it before you read even a single paragraph below. And then pause the video and come back to this article.

No, come on, actually do it. Ordinarily in this situation I wouldn’t bother either but please make an exception for me.

Was the debate about Jesus’s divinity? Then here is what you just heard the Christian debater say:

1. “Jesus called himself the Son of Man, which is a distinctly divine title.”
2. “In the parable of the tenants Jesus asserted his status…

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  1. What use is a God who is not God? Don’t get you very far.

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    • Welcome back Burhanuddin1!


    • Thank you. Have been ill. Maybe the Bible-thumping posse made me sick …


    • I’m sorry to hear that.


    • “What use is a God who is not God? Don’t get you very far.”

      you know why i am confident that christianity is a lie and false?
      not one christian,even when interrogated by the authorities, was able to produce a living jesus.
      not one christian witnessed him leaving the tomb

      not one christian used first person testimony to describe his interaction with jesus who was with his brethren for 40 days.


      the angel of the lord came down and floored the guards, yet the jews paid of guards and told them to spread a LIE even though angel of the lord could have introduced himself any minute?

      matthew was a liar who had no response to the fact that NOBODY produced jesus and showed him around.

      christians continue to sin and are dead in their sins.


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