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  1. “I’ve learnt so much from Pfander […] all I know has been from Pfander.”

    Oh dear.

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  2. I remember Beth’s mentor Jay S. confronted me a young unsuspected irreligious engineering student 25 years ago in London’s Hyde Park Corner. Thanks to him since then I started to study more about my faith. I am now a much more confident as a muslim immensely studied in Islam and comparative religion and actively involved in Da’wah and Mosque. I always pray many muslims youngsters will have the same motivation after encountering this kind of missionary activism.

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    • Eric, did you join the anti Christian riots in Jakarta alongside your fellow Muslims?

      Do you condone such savagery?


    • I am sorry to say you are either a misinformed or a bigot.

      #1 I was not even in the capital city.

      #2 I there was no anti christian riots in Jakarta. This another utter lies from your side. Disgusting

      It was a peaceful demonstration by peaceful citizens exercising their freedom rights of protests which is guaranteed under the law. Indonesia have seen the most orderly protest in its history although the sheer volume of the people (estimated 2 millions of people).

      One of the mass concentration where hundred of thousands gathered was in front of Jakarta Catholic cathedral. If it was a “riot” there was not much left of that Cathedral.
      Thousand of protester seven helped catholic wedding to run undisturbed and help the guests and bride and groom to go through the crowds.

      You are such a person full of hate, P

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      “Fears of violence at the rally had prompted the closing of some schools and office buildings in central Jakarta, and thousands of police officers and soldiers barricaded roads as the protesters marched. The American and Australian Embassies had warned their citizens to stay away from the protest zone.”

      “some of the marchers chanted that Mr. Basuki should be killed. But after nightfall, some protesters clashed with the police and set fire to at least two vehicles.”

      “the mood soured after clashes between police and demonstrators on Friday night culminated in police using tear gas to disperse the remaining crowd outside the presidential palace.

      Demonstrators threw stones and vehicles belonging to the police paramilitary force BRIMOB were set on fire.”

      As I suspected, you condone violence for the deen. What a strange definition of “peaceful” you have, but not surprising if one bases it upon the sunnah. We wont fall for your taqiyyah!!


    • Lol. And just see all those MILLIONS of evangelical Christians in the US elect a neo-fascist racist bigot hate monger to the White House! Christians just can’t help hating. They have revealed their true nature.

      The world is disgusted and shocked. What is wrong with your religion? Satan is in there somewhere.

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    • Yeah, so much for your *anti Christian* riots lies. Nobody protested against Christians or Christianity, he people protested against someone who are spewing ill informed rethorics using the Qur’an for his political ambition the way Trump does. People have the right to protest. I have many Christians who also protested and dislike Basuki TP insensitive and arrogant style.

      Minor clash with the police in the night was first started by the police who use force to disperse the crowd. but it was soon calmed down by the protester and their spiritual leaders.

      If it really was anti Christian riots there were not much christians left in the city.

      Sorry if you think spreading lies and prejudices about the true religof God will help your missionary causes, sure it won’t work. Many christians come to their sense and revert to Islam here in my country.

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    • “I am sorry to say you are either a misinformed or a bigot”……taking bets now.

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  3. This is Eric’s definition of “peaceful citizens exercising their freedom rights of protests”


    No wonder we cant trust Muslims.


    • What rubbish do you give?! The more you spread lies the more you make fool of yourself. No matter how you try to portray it protesters here behave in civilized manners , million of protesters not a single live lost, although there was evidence of provocations and intrusion from those who attempted to incite violent from anti islam elements in the society Alhamdulillah. Your fellow xtian white racist supremacist need to learn from us.

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