‘Alt-right online poison nearly turned me into a racist’


This kind of thing happened to me too a long time ago. I started to scare myself at my growing Islamophobia and anti-Muslim racism. For a brief while I became something that’s very common these days: an anti-Muslim, anti-Islam Christian bigot.  Yet I was not completely given over to the dark side.  I felt the need investigate the truth about Islam at my local mosque (Regents Park Mosque) and there I discovered the truth about a faith I never knew existed.  Ultimately, of course, I converted. This article in today’s Guardian brings it all back.

It started with Sam Harris, moved on to Milo Yiannopoulos and almost led to full-scale Islamophobia. If it can happen to a lifelong liberal, it could happen to anyone…

read the rest of the article here 



Categories: Extremism, Islamophobia

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  1. lol.

    I was once just as you are now: an anti-Muslim, anti-Islam Christian bigot. But miracles happen..

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  2. It’s a good thing that Jan Sobieski, the polish king on the coin at the top of this post, and Charles Martell were islamophobic, among others.

    Not to forget the brave people of Vienna, who fought back the muslim hordes twice to keep their freedom. No booty in Vienna, thanks to Jan Sobieski in 1683.


  3. Tea calling kettle black 🙂


  4. Sam Harris, Milo Yiannopoulos, …
    Why am I not surprised these are two more fanatics of Israel promoting anti-Muslim bigotry?

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