A lecture on the authorship of the Pentateuch by Dr James F. McGrath of Butler University.

Discover the compelling historical and moral reasons why Moses did not write the first five books of Moses as we have them (also know as the Pentateuch and Torah). These factors have nothing to do with so-called anti-supernatural liberal scholarship. Listen to the brief lecture and discover the problems for yourself.


Categories: Bible, Biblical scholarship, History

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  1. “How Moses recount his own death and his burial in the past tense” ?
    The same question which Ahmed Deedat kept asking!
    Remember when White mocked Deedat for he was not a scholar?
    Well !
    The biggest scholars in the field such Dr Ehrman adopted Deedat’s questions. And now dr McGrath. 🙂

    May Allah reward Shykh Ahmed Deedat and have mercy on him. Amen.


    • Amen! Yes, Ahmed Deedat (Allah Yerhamu) was a great force in separating fact from fiction in relation to Biblical corpus. Not enough can be said about his positive impact and influence on Muslim Apologetics.

      I think that the above video reminds us that the Pentateuch as well as the rest of the OT has numerous textual issues and problems, that we should keep in mind in the midst of any discourse. The Torah as we have it today is not infallible.

      However, at the same time, I think it is safe to say that the OT has at least kept intact some of the core teachings of the Abrahamic faith, such as unitary nature of God, and the importance of following the divine law……which is much more than we can say about the NT.


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