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  1. A successful liar needs to be intelligent; this guy need not apply.


  2. Can’t see an issue here. He said what he said but in Christ Jesus, he is now a new creature and has publicly asked for forgiveness. I know it pains you that he left Islam to have life in jesus. We pray that one day, all of you follow his path and be saved from the darkness.


  3. Like you Paul? I didn’t see you debating a Islamic topic yet. Or see you make a challenge to debate a Islamic topic. So let me return a favor and ask (i.e challenge ) you to debate the prophethood of Muhammad.


    • Deo Volente

      Neil believes his new God and scripture is correct and his former God and scripture is wrong and I think it is fair to discuss the topics Paul Williams offered.

      With regards to Prophet Mohammed, it is fair to compare what the prophets of God did in the Bible. Sam Shamoun was living on “Mohammed rape this and that” and we respond by “prophet Abraham rape this and that, prophet David raped and kill this or that, Jesus killed this or that, prophet Lot committed incest”etc.

      We must throw “the prophets this that or that” in a dustbin and focus on God and scriptures because one still believes his prophet and will defend them.

      Donald Trump grabbed MARRIED women p**** and bragged about it together with hatred, bigotry, racism etc. but more than 80% of Evangelical Christians voted for him. The Christians do not care about his immorality that will be taken as not serious by future generations and they voted for him.

      We must focus on the topic at hand. It is about God and scriptures and that is the foundation of religion. I am not saying the behaviours of prophets do not count, but the most important is God and scriptures. If Shamoun said someone’s prophet raped someone, it is easy to say his prophet raped someone, so we better concentrate on the faith i.e. God and scripture as PW challenged.

      I am afraid, Sam’s hitting line is dead.

      Paul Williams will not be afraid to debate the prophets of God at all, because he has been doing that at speakers corner.

      I think the topic he chose is more important to be discussed than prophets.


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    • I debate Islam every week with Christians, atheists and others. Do keep up.

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    • Deo Volente

      December 6, 2016 • 11:49 pm

      Like you Paul? I didn’t see you debating a Islamic topic yet. Or see you make a challenge to debate a Islamic topic. So let me return a favor and ask (i.e challenge ) you to debate the prophethood of Muhammad

      I say;
      Which universe are you in? Before you throw a challenge, you must research. Find below Paul Williams debating Islam and prophet Mohammed with a Christian who claimed he is a scholar and has PhD.


      2. Paul Williams confronted Jay Smith’s student disciple to correct her about Islam. See Paul talking Islam i.e. Abu Hannifa, Hannafi, hadith, fiq, ahad hadith, isnad, mujtahid, Sunnah, mutawat, wudud madhab etc. He has hundreds of videos and God will Bless him(Paul Williams) inshaAllah.

      Is a long time Sam has debated. It is good for him to travel to speakers corner with the Christian donations to evangelize.


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  4. Sam, why spam a link that’s not even relevant to what David’s new colleague has said about you? Trying to deflect from the fact that David’s new colleague considers you to be full of hate and somebody to be ignored?

    Seen as we are at it, can you explain your comments about ABN and Bassim Gorial. This organisation has had millions of dollars pass through them, don’t you not think you owe it to the donors (many of whom you and your friends encouraged to donate) as to why you think the money is being misused?


    • Surah 8:36
      “Indeed, those who disbelieve spend their wealth to avert [people] from the way of Allah . So they will spend it; then it will be for them a [source of] regret; then they will be overcome. And those who have disbelieved – unto Hell they will be gathered.”

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  5. YahyaSlime, who are you stalking us and trying to make your profit and you infamous by using us in your videos, while never manning up to debate any of us? My link was relevant to the post of my new colleague who is destroying Muhammad’s credibility since it exposes your fellow Muhammadans Sami, Nadir Ahmed, Osama Abdallah, Jalal Abualrub for the sewage you guys truly are since my link has all the emails where your Muhammadans reflect the spirit of your profit by cussing each other out and even threatening to kill each other. You should read over the emails sometime and make videos of them since they make your Quran sound coherent and moral by comparison. 😉

    Therefore, if it was really my attitude that is preventing you cowards from debating me then you would have condemned Muhammad to the flames of all a long time ago, and condemned and shamed your fellow Muhammadan trolls for their nasty and vile attitudes.


    • This’s a CHALLENGE for you and the clown David .
      I challenge you to deabte any jew!
      However, you have to request the deabte by these words ( you jews the sons of satan the father of lies. You snakes and brood of vipers).
      This is how you make your request sound coherent and moral.
      Would you even dare !?


    • Sam, you’re proving David’s new colleague right. Neil Littlejohn said you are “ignorant, have bad manners and morals”.

      I think your little rant just proved those comments by Neil to be correct.

      How about you actually address the subject of the post rather than ranting uncontrollably about stuff that is not relevant?

      This is the problem, you actually think you’re famous and you have a large supporter base. Last time I checked your paltalk “study” room you had, was it,14 people in there, including me? After 2 or 3 decades of you “working full time” you have such a paltry number of people wishing to study under you. I wonder why that is?

      As for debates, you know as well as I and many others have refuted your polemics online so you’re yesterday’s man. Yester-decade!

      There’s a reason why you’ve been doing this work for decades and have only had a handful of debates. It’s not because you’re not interested in debates. You’re desperate for the attention and the extra cash that comes with debates. he reason why you haven’t had many debates is because you’ve ducked them. I’ve documented at least a coupe of them that you’ve ducked. So you calling others cowards is ironic. Send me an email if you are serious about discussing possible debate topics.

      NOW can you please talk about the very serious issue of what is happening with all the donation money at ABN with respect to your comments on Bassim Gorial?

      Seen as we are talking about possible allegations of fraud how about you answer why David was asking for money on your behalf to write books. Can you explain what happened to that donation money, or is that something you’re embarrassed about along with all the refutations and rebukes out there on the internet that show you to be exactly what David Wood’s colleague, Neil Littlejohn, said about you; ignorant and bad mannered.

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    • To know how ignorant Sam is look at his statement
      ” Muhammad even owned many homes!”
      The clown and his boys have lawyas been explaining the Quran and Sunnah according to their filthy life in the 21th century!
      Homes were( chambers) hugorat 3m*3m !
      Moreover, the richnessby itself is not bad in Islam.
      However, it’s very bad in christianity unless a camel enter throgh needl’s eye.

      This’s a CHALLENGE for you and the clown David .
      I challenge you to debate any jew!
      However, you have to request the debate by these words ( you jews the sons of satan the father of lies. You snakes and brood of vipers).
      This is how you make your request sound coherent and moral.
      Would you even dare !?


  6. This is some of the most childish, illogical garbage I’ve ever seen…

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  7. Don’t forget Neil is a trinitarian. In his world there should be no problem Shamoun is ignorant and qualified debater both at the same time.

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    • @Sam: But you have never been able to explain why you worship a God that Jesus never worshiped? and if you keep on insisting on worshiping a God above and beyond that of Jesus’, that means you follow Satan not Jesus.

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    • Rational I would be more than happy to answer your question and then show you how this same objection ends up proving that Islam is a false religion in my paltalk room today. Are you up for it?


    • Sam wants to prove that he worships the god of his god !
      Why would your god have its own god in the first place?!

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    • @Sam: Well why don’t you answer the simple question in a simple manner. You want to follow Jesus. Yet you choose to worship a God that he didn’t worship. I don’t have PalTalk account and don’t plan to create one. Too many social media. may be you can record it and upload on youtube. I will like to see your response.


    • @Sam:: Suppose trinity is true. Even then you have Jesus who worships God the father alone. But you worship God the Father, god the son and god the holy ghost. So you worship 2 persons more than what Jesus worships. So your God is not God of Jesus. How difficult is this to understand and answer?

      As for pal-talk, i don’t have an account and don’t want to create on. too many social media stuff. if you like, you record ur answer and upload to youtube. i will like to see your answer.

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  9. I mean correct me if I’m wrong, but Jesus ﷺ allegedly extolled the possession of child-like *faith* not child-like behavior and fit-pitching. You’re lying and slinging mud to “defend” a faith you don’t even follow. You’re a joke. Literally.


  10. “Therefore, keep barking as we keep helping Muslims exist your vile, evil deen in droves by the grace of Jesus, Muhammad’s God and Judge.😉”

    sam, are you mental?

    a public officer appointed to decide cases in a law court.

    it was the jewish sanhedrin who decided the fate of your god. they used the torah + oral torah to screw, blue and tatoo your god and then viciously nail him to 4×4 planks of wood.

    your god was JUDGED sam. since you believe in “man-god” then thor could have been doing the NAILING

    think about it sam, one pagan god defeating another pagan god.

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    • oh, i forgot to quote this :

      Do not lose faith by a delay of 2500 years that no one has come, or, according to the NT 2000 years or more. Rev 22:6-7… And he said to me, “These words are trustworthy and true. And the Lord, the God of the spirits of the prophets, has sent his angel to show his servants what must soon take place.” “And behold, I am coming soon….”


  11. ” Muhammad even owned many homes!”

    are you jealous ?


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