Apostate Neil Littlejohn defends the indefensible – enters The Twilight Zone

Littlejohn just tweeted this morsel of wisdom. You couldn’t make this sh*t up! Its like he has joined a weird Christian cult that no longer upholds normal human values. Before – he saw what everyone sees (Muslim & Christian) that Sam has serious ‘issues’. After – (now he’s a Christian again) he ignores/whitewashes this ugly truth and criticises Muslim attacks on Sam! There is something very wrong going on here.



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  1. Shamoun has a strict code of ethics where he will only work with mentally disturbed people (Like himself). I present to you David Wood (Self-confessed) and Neil Littlejohn (evident by behaviour)

    Didn’t someone recently do a video about this fraud around the fact that he tried to elope with a Muslim girl from a Saudi family and the father put a stop to it which caused littlehohn to have a melt down?

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  2. “After – (now he’s a Christian again) he ignores/whitewashes this ugly truth and criticises Muslim attacks on Sam!”

    he used to ask Him directly, but now he is going to get stuck in the door way again and turn to a flesh and blood creature who had a mother and used to feel and experience in his divine nature the weaknesses of human beings.


  3. Littlejohn has claimed to be Christian yet continues to post his comments under the name “Isama’eel Abu Adam,” with a buffoonish looking picture of himself wearing the robes and Imamah headdress in a pitiful attempt to imitate the look of well respected Islamic scholars. It is clear that he does this in order to project credibility as an “expert on Islam.” As if such superficialities are actually convincing anyone.

    This transparently deceitful “chameleon” ploy is indicative of the dishonest missionary tactics in use today, and it is an insult the intelligence of anyone who has true knowledge.

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