‘Revert Story’

A lovely story

Scottish Muslimah

As a revert I often get asked what is my story, how did I come to Islam, what is it about Islam that drew me to it… This is not an easy question to answer and there’s no simple response. The short version is simply Allah guided me, alhamdulillah. For most reverts if not all, it was an emotional and moving journey which cannot simply be conveyed in a sentence or two. So anyway here is a more detailed explanation of how I became a Muslim and why.

First of all for a bit of background, all of my family are atheists and quite strong in those views so I had no religious upbringing of any kind. However, as long as I can remember I’ve always been a deep thinker and always believed in something more but I didn’t know enough about any religion. At a young age I do…

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