The New Testament Today

The New Testament Today – What is it? Where did it come from? Can we rely on it?

These questions and more are answered, as our journey into 2017 begins. Let this year, be a year of guidance for our Christian brothers and sisters.

YouTube Mirror if above Facebook video is not available.

Thanks to Dr. Chris Claus for inspiring this video and this series of videos that will be coming out on various pages, YouTube channels and Islamic TV channels shortly.

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  1. I already have my guidance thank you. It’s between two black leather covers which are frayed, tattered and torn from much use.

    The contents are translated and preserved true to the originals by the providence of Jehovah and are commonly referred to as the KJV.

    I highly recommend that you follow the instructions contained in this book to avoid going to hell.


  2. Are you serious? Because if your statements are correct (and I have no reason to doubt your claims) then this decisively demonstrates two things:

    1) That Christians have been Shockingly Deceived

    2) More Research must be conducted to get more information and make it accessible to the public


  3. Why is everybody ignoring the demonstrably false prophecies of Jesus in the NT? Even C.S Lewis, the intellectual GodFather of Dr WIlliam Craig Lane, Nabeel Qureshi, Mike Licona, Dr Alister Mcgrath, Dr James Mcgrath etc accepted that Jesus made specific strictly time-based prophecies and undeniably failed them! Prof Bart Ehrman agrees in his Book Jesus: Apocalyptic Prophet of the New Millennium. And yet Christians confidently claim : “Muhammad is a False Prophet”. Can anybody explain please? I am confused!


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