Nabeel Qureshi: “True”Christians do Greater Miracles than Jesus – Exegesis of John 14:12-14

I think RZIM’s Dr Nabeel Qureshi’s exegesis of John 14:12-14 would be lapped up by the Prosperity Gospel crowd. It’s essentially telling Christians that they get anything they want if they pray in the name of Jesus (a man!) and ask for whatever they want. Here’s the Gospel passage Nabeel Qureshi uses to claim Christians can perform miracles greater than those given to Jesus:

12 Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. 13 And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son. 14 You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it.

To be fair, I know another strand of Christianity would interpret this passage as referring to preaching the “Gospel” rather than miraculous works of healings etc.

Having said that, Nabeel is effectively giving a falsification test for judging who is a “true” believer in Christianity: they should be able to perform greater works (miracles) than Jesus. Well, Nabeel ( and other Christians), why aren’t you guys down at your local hospitals healing the deaf, blind, disabled and terminally ill? Why haven’t we  seen you folks in war zones bringing peace to war-torn lands? Why haven’t you ended poverty in deprived areas of South America, Asia and Africa?

There are over 2 billion Christians worldwide, Nabeel Qureshi, surely thinks at least 10% of them are “true” Christians? That would be at least 200m Christians. Why is it that we are more likely to see Christians online (some of whom are Nabeel’s friends) spewing hatred against Muslims rather than in hospitals trying to heal people or in war-zones bringing an end to innocent people being bombed by imperialist forces like America, Russia, ISIS etc.?

If you’re a Christian, be honest, do you really think you can do greater miracles than Jesus?

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    • paul, your thoughts on this

      It just says he “gave them power” over demons, which is from the Holy Spirit and connote personal divinity. Solomon had the same power and people were still casting out demons in the name of King Solomon even in Jesus’ day (Josephus Antiquities 8.2.5).
      end quote

      i didn’t know this.


    • should christians pray in the name of solomon?


    • and paul , it is interesting to note that jesus says, “if i cast out demons through satan, then by WHOM do you cast out demons…”

      don’t know if i have quoted the verse accurately, but the name the jews were using definitely was not “jesus”


  1. According to Qureshi’s own interpretation, Christianity has been a dismal failure, since no Christian can perform miracles GREATER than those given to Jesus.

    If it is so easy for a true believing Christian to raise the dead then why is it that we never hear of a Christian raising the bones of someone’s Great-Great Great Grandfather from the dead? Or why not raise, some long dead well known historical person from the grave? The reason why, is that it is impossible to truly raise the dead. And anyway, how reliable is “raising the dead” as a measure for religious truth if Sai Baba also performed the miracle of raising the dead?

    It is amazing what lies some Christians will resort to in order to inspire the ignorant and gain converts

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    • nowadays christians pretend to be persecuted by purchasing gold and silver crucifix.

      if they are true to the message, they should live in card board box and stop saving up money

      they should be giving up their lives , but instead they are washing their hands and disinfecting their kitchens.


    • Ibn Issam

      Strong points of consideration on the raising the dead feats – Nabeel and the other missionary featured in this video talk about reviving people who the medical people were trying to resuscitate but these guys never talk about reviving ppl who have been long gone.

      Our Christian friends who get caught up in the emotional preaching and believe such should ask themselves why aren’t these guys going to graves of famous Christians and resurrecting these personalities?

      One thing That always strikes me whilst editing clips of Nabeel Qureshi’s talks – this guy has perfected injecting emotions into his voice through the inflection of his voice. I’d imagine he has been trained professionally or has honed this skill privately through practice.

      RC Sproul talks about these mega conferences Christian orgs set up and the ppl who “commit” their lives to “Jesus” at such events. He says the majority of them leave the church.

      I’m really not surprised Nabeel has gone down the route of emotionalism rather than argumentation. Average Christian folks who pay money (or if free, expend time and energy to travel), I’d imagine, want to listen to the fell-good stuff rather than hear some bland talk full of quotes from Richard Bauckham and such and such philosopher!

      In short, they deliver the masses what they want. This is one of the reason why frauds such as Walid Shoebat, Ergun Caner and Kamal Salem became popular on the preaching circuit – they delivered them the “I’m an ex terrorist changed by ‘Jesus'” narrative. It’s something they WANTED to hear. Whether they were being fibbed to probably didn’t enter the equation as they wanted it to be true.

      Christian preachers need to stop with all this emotionalism that the masses are weaned on. The Atheists are literally at the door seeing easy prey in those congregations..

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    • I’m not too sure whether or not Nabeel believes what he is saying (i imagine he does), but the problem this causes when such miracles do not occur is far worse for someones faith than any debate could ever do. I have witnessed first hand the kind of pressure such an enviromnent can have a convert when the measuring stick for how spiritual they are is determined by whether they can speak in tongues or whether they had a dramatic conversion experience.

      True that this can make people easy prey for New Atheist arguments from Richard Dawkins and the like, however i think it is more likely to simply burn people out and cause them to distrust religion as a whole due to their poor experiences. To add to the point about faith healers why don’t we ever see then at hospitals using their abilities to heal the sick? Why do such abilities only seem to manifest when it is most pernicious for the healer?

      For someone such as Nabeel who has studied in medicine and has studied the New Testament at Oxford it is a tremendous shame that he has chosen to go down this road of false promises and crushed souls who are preyed upon by money hungry pastors/televangelists. It is about time that such communities realised that such magic tricks are not convincing serious minded people to convert and nor are they keeping people coming to Church. The Churches that do this need to learn to balance emotional experiences of the divine and rational proofs for their religion only then are you able to provide an ideology that can properly address humanity as a whole.


  2. The passage itself goes with Nabeel’s interpretation perfectly. Therefore, I doubt if there’s any true believer according to that standard.

    Nice catch , Yahya

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  3. I have been waiting for someone to EXPOSE, REFUTE and CONSISTENTLY SHOW the DISCONNECTION BETWEEN REALITY AND NABEEL QURESHI’S RHETORIC. Thank you YAHYA SNOW!!! Please continue to REFUTE NABEEL. He is the most prolific and convincing liar for Trinitarian Idolators in America. SHALOM


    • Salam Avi

      You say brother but in my opinion I think Nabeel is more honest than some of the other Christian polemicists we encounter. In fact I saw a glimpse of honest rebuke from Nabeel to David Wood where David was trying to be childish and inject his spin into the text of the Quran. Nabeel swatted that nonsense like an irritating fly. I was impressed.

      I have hope. I play a little game of imagining i was forced to have one of these guys as a neighbour. Nabeel comes across as more affable than a lot of these polemocists. I’d defo rather have Nabeel than Wood. Wood, in the words of pastor JD Hall is sociopathic. I’ve seen evidence of this in David Wood’s work. Remember this is the guy who had one of his buddies drive 50 miles to pick up court docs on a Muslim apologist that he was “beefing” with online to expose him online!

      I perceive Wood to be more of attention seeker – his polemics are all about malice and attention seeking.

      I think with his criminal conviction he knows he can’t really go out and get a job in the real world so this “evangelism” stuff serves as a bread winning tool and an outlet for him to vent the malice and anger that is within him at Muslims via his obnoxious polemics.

      I find him to be a troubled man.

      I’ve been praying and fasting for Nabeel. I think the average Muslim can relate to him more than they can to Wood or Smith or one of those other guys. I think a schism may have opened in Nabeel’s mindset due to his health problems. Maybe he will be more open to think about Islam – I fear he has distanced himself from Muslims and there’s no Muslim in his everyday life who could perhaps reach out to him. Would be great if Muslims could email him and try to engage him discussion so, God willing, he can be delivered to the truth.


  4. Wow, you are actually absolutely correct, in your comparative assessment of Dr Nabeel and Psycho Woods. David Woods reminds me of those extremely nasty, racist White Supremacist types, one comes across online,(usually Twitter but not exclusively) who are obsessively filled with hate towards the Jewish People and people of colour. David Woods attempted to Kill his Father with an Axe, and nearly succeeded! Scary Guy! I hope Nabeel can be convinced to abandon Trinitarian Theology, as it is not based on the authentic teachings of the Historical Rabbi Jesus, as well as vicarious atonement and other definitional Christian doctrines. By the way, I find you to be a very nice guy! Hashem Bless you! Look, Nabeel is the scholarly, nerdy type. Is he not aware of the roots of the Trinity lie? This guy studied in Oxford, allegedly! Pretty sure, they must have told him! An actual debate on the Topic : ”Was the Historical Jesus a Trinitarian?”’ might clear up some of the dust on the issue.

    I watched on of your videos, Nabeel Quershi claim that the Historical-Critical evidence convinced him of the Truth for Christianity. He claims the Crucifixion was one of the central reasons for his conversion since the Qur’an gets it wrong, he claimed. Well if the logic is correct. Then surely he should abandon Christianity, since there is not a single shred of ”historical-critical evidence” that Rabbi Jesus was a Trinitarian!

    Also in Mark 12: 28-32 I have noticed a strange thing. I am sure you know Jesus quoted the Shema there and is used by Unitarians to prove that Jesus was not a Trinitarian. But there is actually some more subtle, evidence. Read it again. I have put BRACKETS [ ] to show what I mean.

    And one of the scribes came up and heard them disputing with one another, and seeing that he answered them well, asked him, “Which commandment is the first of all?” Jesus answered, “The first is, “Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one and you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength.’ The second is this, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than these.” And the scribe said to him, “You are right, Teacher; you have truly said that [He] is one, and there is no other but [He] and to love [Him] with all the heart, and with all the understanding, and with all the strength, and to love one’s neighbor as oneself, is much more than all whole burnt offerings and sacrifices.” And when Jesus saw that he answered wisely, he said to him, “You are not far from the kingdom of [God].” And after that no one dared to ask him any question.


    Is there any, even the slightest indication, that this the Triune God? None at all. Is there any evidence that this God that Jesus is referring to is a singular person a Non-Triune God? Yes. 3 Singular Personal Pronouns, the recital of the SHEMA, without ADDITION OF PERSONS or MODIFICATION.

    1) Use of Singular Personal Pronouns

    2) No Mention of multiple persons in the Godhead

    3) Recital of the Unitarian Creed.

    Jesus and the Jewish scribe show us how the Shema is to be understood. He proves that the oneness indicated in the Shema is a oneness of identity, not nature, and that the God in question is the God of both Jesus and this scribe. In the doctrine of the Trinity, the oneness of God is a oneness of divine substance. The doctrine indicates that three persons all have this one divine substance and it is this one divine substance they call “God.” So the statement, “the Lord our God the Lord is one” can only mean that God is “one divine substance,” or “one what.”

    But here in Mark 12, we can clearly see that the word “one” in the Shema is intended to mean “there is no other but HE/HIM.” Quite clearly, the scribe is referring to personal identity, a who, and not nature, a what, “there is no other but He.” So Jesus and this Jewish scribe teach us that the Shema commandment, “the Lord is one” means that God is one “He” not three.

    One He/Him. What is the purpose of singular personal pronouns in human language? To signify a single person.

    And if Jesus agrees there is no other but God the Father this fact does by necessity exclude everyone else, including himself, from identity as YAHWEH, the God of Israel.

    We have one Father: God. John 8:41. The Father is the God of Jesus.

    I ascend to my Father and your Father, and my God and your God. John 20:17.

    What do you think of this Yahya snow?


    • I like your focus on the Trinity idea.

      Yes, I think there’s something in the argument based on pronouns. Dr Buzzard uses this argument too.

      I really think our Trinitarian friends are effectively saying Jesus was a poor communicator if they genuinely believe Jesus wanted us to believe in a /trinity idea. Our Christian friend is faced with the dilemma of why Jesus didn’t gather people around and spend less than a minute saying there’s a teaching that all of you should be aware, it’s the 3in1 teaching: there’s one God as per the Shema but you also need to believe there are 3 persons (not more not less) and these persons are Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit – all are God.

      To do something like that i takes two mins. Our Trinitarian friends now are faced with the reality of up to 80% of evangelicals not believing in this idea. It’s effectively saying Jesus was a poor communicator if one insists Jesus wanted us to believe in a Trinity idea.

      You mention the verse in which Jesus is stated to claim he has a God. Does it get anymore clear cut than that. If Jesus was cognisant of a Trinity idea and wanted folks to believe in such then would he really have made such a reported statement?

      I think it’s a good avenue to use the example of Peter, he does not seem to have any knowledge of a Trinity teaching.


  5. Soon enough he’ll tell us he too is miraculously healed.


    • Yes, we should expect that.


    • he doesn’t have faith.

      look, if the disiples had faith, they didn’t need to wake jesus up from slumber, they could have calmed the storm themselves

      notice jesus’ rebuke

      “do you still not have FAITH?”

      it is not jesus which has any power, but it is FAITH

      if kurayshe has true faith, he should be cured this minute.

      he clearly doesn’t have faith.

      he is faithless like those women who said “who will role away the stone”

      faith moves mountains
      , the women didn’t know

      if they had faith, they could have brought jesus back to life.


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