What is righteousness? The Qur’an speaks

It is not righteousness

That ye turn your faces

Towards East or West;

But it is righteousness –

To believe in Allah

And the Last Day,

And the Angels,

And the Book,

And the Messengers;

To spend of your substance

Out of love for Him,

For your kin,

For orphans,

For the needy,

For the wayfarer,

For those who ask,

And for the ransom of slaves;

To be steadfast in prayer,

And practice regular charity,

To fulfil the contracts

Which ye have made;

And to be firm and patient,

In pain (or suffering)

And adversity,

And throughout

All periods of panic.

Such are the people

Of truth, the God-fearing.

Surah 2:177


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  1. Is it just me (and many others) or does it not seem that some hadith kind of distorts the thrust of this verse form God Almighty?

    …I don’t mean to contradict it but take away it’s thrust and have righteousness be adjusted somewhat more in many other issues that are not as sublime as these.

    Of course many hadith support these virtues too.


    • Personally, I think it just those who are eager to be labled as ” acadmic” for showing off. Or those who are eagr to follow the dust of those who think that the prophet pbuh is a liar.
      Generation after generation of the most righteous men beginning with Sahabah have no problem with authentic hadiths. The claim that some authentic hadiths contradict with Quran has been crushed under the scholars of Islam since scholars of Islam don’t believe that there’s a contradiction to begin with, and that has been done by well known standards & scales.

      And I’m telling people who want to go in a path different in the path that Shabah and their followers went through, I’m telling them that jews and christians will not be satisfied till you follow their religion as Quran staated clearly and plainly.
      Qadaini cult, for example, have rejected many hadiths which “contradict” Quran as they claim, and they even rejeted the concept of Jihad, yet they are nothing for christians and jews.

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