Revisiting The Hudaybiyyah Treaty

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Kaleef K. Karim

We are revisiting the treaty of Hudaybiyyah once again. It is claimed by some that part of the treaty agreement was the stipulation that women have to be returned to the Meccans. They say that women were part of the agreement when it was signed.

In the sixth year of Hijrah, a 10-year peace treaty was concluded at al-Hudaybiyyah, one article of which specified that any men emigrating to Prophet Muhammed’s camp without the permission of his guardian (or people) would have to be returned back to Makkah. Whereas any Muslim emigrating to Makkah would not be returned. This pact, however, was not regarded as covering the case of Muslim women. This verse of the Quran, Surah 60:10 was revealed on this occasion to reassure the Prophet (p) that women were not part of the agreement.

It is further asserted by some detractors that when the Quraysh came…

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