What’s missing from this list?

I think “80s hair” should get eternal damnation as well. Not sure what “yoga pants” are but they must be very evil.



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  1. Middle aged men in lycra.

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  2. the kardashians lol..

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  3. bible thumping pains in the neck

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    • Notice the shirt of the Bible thumper holding the sign in the picture. It says “Black Lives Matter” in a red circle with line crossing it out, presumably in keeping with the Biblical “Curse of Ham,” which was used by Christians to dehumanize black lives and to justify the most brutal forms of institutionalized chattel slavery. The word “Thugs” on the banner, is also a racist code word for “Blacks” while the same sign says nothing about racist white supremacist Christians earning eternal damnation.

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  4. So all the prophets are included in the list as well,fair enough.


  5. The one who has not sold all what he possess to give the poor ones
    (Matt 19:21).

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  6. Ahmed Deedat style apologetics, argumentation and “logic”


  7. The peddlers of smut and bigotry who make a living off spreading fear via the Islamophobia Industry.

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  8. space aliens


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