Choosing Islam – Australians Converting To Islam


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  1. Anyone who can put aside the misinformation of Islamophobic stereotypes, hate, bigotry fear, etc., and takes an honest look – with open heart and mind – will undoubtedly see the logical truth and peaceful beauty that is inherent in Islam.

    Islam continues to attract converts and grow because it is religion which speaks to the human heart, mind and soul, calling and guiding each person to a better more fulfilling life lived in service to others and in communion and perfect harmony with the One True Divine Creator.

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  2. Islamophobia?

    WTF does this even mean???


  3. “The attacks have nothing to do with Islam”

    Why do you think terrorists do it in the name of Islam if it is not related to Islam?


  4. The greatest danger to world peace are christian zionists who influence America’s foreign policy in order to hasten the second coming ( the rapture in their parlance ) where Jesus is going to lift them into the clouds and massacre everyone else.


  5. Look at these trolls making it their life’s mission to haunt this and other Muslim blogs . . . They reminds me that I have a Youtube subscriber who is also subscribed to probably no less than 50 other Muslim channels, just so he can spout his bile in the comment section of their new uploads.

    What sad lives.

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